Zac Brown Band - You and Islands

℗ 2020 Home Grown Music

You and Islands - Single Tracklist:


I don’t understand how you can’t like this song love zbb.


FINALLY the Taylor Swift crossover experiment is over! I can finally say I am a ZBB fan again without being embarrassed.


Finally getting back into their old style! I love these kind of songs, this is my favorite one they’ve released in a long time!


Back to good acoustic country/island music!!!


Let’s gooooooooooooooooo baby, lets go!!!! Zac is back I thought that the ZBB would stop making albums and just settle for a already great career but the are coming back for more let’s freaking go baby!






This is the Zac Brown Band I fell in love with. Great tune, Zac’s voice is sounding great. Love this tune🥰🎶

Baseballl Dude

Another winner from Zac Brown Band! After missing the mark with The Owl, the band returns to form with this classic rock-flavored country jam. My only complaint with this song is that the drums are a bit overbearing in this mix, but overall I love the song and can't wait to hear what else ZBB has in store for us!


This song is so pleasant to listen too. The owl was honestly a pretty bad album but if the next album sounds like this song it’s gonna be a huge hit.

Country Guy4587

Amazing surprise single. The new album is going to bad$$. Says released on 7/3/20 I did not see this on my computer.


As usual...


Yesss! So glad to hear their reggae sound again!


Love the island/beachy classic ZBB sound of this song. Exactly what we need right now - a trip to the islands!


Love ZBB. This is them at their Island best and Zacs voice is on this is perfect. Palm trees and white sand.


They’re back. 👍


Great tune from ZBB


Back to Country roots! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Big Red232323232323

Love classic ZBB hits like Homegrown and Chicken Fried. I love the island feel that ZBB gives in certain songs like Island Song, Jump Right In, and Knee Deep... but this one doesn’t quite measure up to those songs. Again I LOVE ZBB but I feel like for a single this isn’t their best release.

Johann Benavides

This is Awesome