Brandy Clark - Your Life is a Record

℗ 2020 Warner Records Inc.

Your Life is a Record Tracklist:

Ocala 52

So underrated ....a fantastic CD. GreaT storyteller

Very happy and proud fan

I love the stories her songs tell. I hope she continues to stay true to herself and her writing and keep putting out these albums!

Hector V. The One

I'm a fan of all genres of music and this album is a great country album,I watched Brandy perform 'Who You Thought I Was' on the Today 3rd hour show and this song touched me especially the way she sang and even though I downloaded it anyways it sounds somewhat different than when she performed on air.On air there were two guitars a cello player and a bassist and it sounded so much more personal especially when the cello player plays,on the recording the mandolins are so present,it's still beautiful and I fell in love with her voice,I will download all of her ballads just to hear her soothing voice.Great job Brandy Peace Hector V. The One


mattheath y


Love, Love, Love Brandy Clark.. her voice reminds me so much of Patsy Cline... her story telling songs are the very best. I will NEVER understand why she is not more relavent in County Music Radio. Have gone to see a number of her show and her voice is just as perfect live.


Brandy has made a record that comes once in a generation. The record takes you from the pain of a break up and in the end, you feel you will survive. The songwriting is top notch as is the music. Brandy’s vocals are a blend of Roseanne Cash, Barbara Mandrell and Linda Ronstadt. She leaves it all between the grooves for the listeners.


Why isn’t this on country radio?? It doesn’t get any better than Brandy Clark! If you’re not familiar, give her first release “12 stories” a spin. I guarantee you’ll be hooked!


First and foremost, Brandy Clark is a storyteller. Every one of her songs is packed with little nuggets of a good story making up chapters in a well-loved book. Her albums flow from one song to the next leading down a beautiful, winding path. This album is no exception. The opening song “I’ll Be The Sad Song” sets the tone for the record letting the listener know she’s about to take you on this path, each song dotted with her signature heart, twang, humor, and wit. From there she goes straight into the smart “Long Walk” which has become Clark’s signature style- cheeky, fast-paced, witty songs that make you think. It reminds me of songs she’s written for Miranda Lambert or Kacey Musgraves. From there, we go back and forth between slow, sexy songs written about love and loss, a duet with Randy Newman, and even a song about watching the old car that got you through so many of life’s turns being towed away. This is a gorgeous album. If you like smart music, Brandy Clark is the thinking person’s musician.

Wyoming Inked

I’d give this record 10 stars if I could! Just when you think you can’t love an artist anymore, she comes up with a masterpiece like this! Speechless & listening on repeat!


Beautiful songs and a pure voice - such a rare treat in today’s country music!

Daryn K.

Brandy is such a great writer and singer. She deserves much more attention than she gets. Can’t wait for the new album.


Looking forward to this new record and seeing her on tour in 2020!


What an incredible artist, everyone should know who she is