The Amity Affliction - Youngbloods

℗ 2010 Boomtown Records

Youngbloods Tracklist:

Raimundo Marmolejo

Young bloods are always free


After buying this album on a whim these guys have become my favorite band. Buy it, buy them all, you'll be glad you did !!


Everything they write is perfect.


Absolutely great album the lyrics have great meaning the breakdowns are awesome good job


If you buy this album you won't be sorry it's just a great album.


By far their best album so far.. Don't get me wrong, chasing ghosts is great, but this album is just better from start to finish. The 30 sec preview clips don't do the songs any justice. If your looking to buy some sick tunes, Find the whole songs somewhere.. listen... welcome back, happy buying.


The Amity Affliction is an awesome banddd! Love these guys.


I mean the title says it all! This album is absolutely amazing! I mean, there is not one bad song on this whole album. Probably one of the best albums i've listened to in, well, ever. And i'm like not even kidding, this is a truly amazing album and i cannot wait for the next one from these guys! Just buy the freakin' album! I promise you, you will not regret it! :)


The album is great and the lyrics are insprational and full of hope that anyone with a heart can relate to. If you don't buy the whole album then by I Hate Hartley, Youngbloods, and Dr. Thunder and No Sleep Till Brisbane

Used Romance

Long Version Of Why You Need To Buy This Album: The Amity Affliction is truly an amazing hard working band. Most bands in this genre get signed to minor labels like Rise, Victory or Fearless. They got signed to Roadrunner, and got their entire back catalog released in the United States for them. That hardly happens with international bands, so that should tell you something. They have 2 full length albums, 2 EPs and a Compilation, and are only getting started. Short Version: Buy It!

Mr. Mooseknuckle

The last record was fantastic, but Youngbloods is amazing. No idea why it took so long to come out here in the states.....? Keep these fellas in buisness and pick up this record!


Huge Funeral for a Friend fan and heard they were touring with them overseas. Decided to check them out on iTunes and I totally dig the new album. I think this album has that edge with a bit of melody that I always look for. You certainly will be impressed like I was.


Sick album

Yeah you're too late

This band is just incredible! They started off a little choppy at first but they quickly picked up to release this amazing album. I honestly can't see how someone couldn't like this album ^^

A lvl 32 laptas

Been waiting for this one for a long time. Really good band really good album. Not a single bad song.