Brandy Clark - You're Drunk

℗ 2017 Warner Records Inc.

You're Drunk - Single Tracklist:


This needs to be played on the radio!!!


Can't stop listing to it! Love all music by Brandy Clark!


Been hearing this song live for awhile now and glad that it is finally available for purchase. Brandy is one of the best songwriters to come out of Nashville in a long time and it is time she finally gets some comercial recognition.


I love the lyrics. Fun to listen to! Thank you for another great song Brandy!


Wow! So catchy and fun! Another great song from Brandy!


Another awesome song from an amazing singer/songwriter. Check out all of her stuff and go see her live. Won't regret it!

Kelly 6869

You have to hear this song. You will want to buy it right away so you can hear it over and over. Witty, funny and skillful writing in the music and lyrics. Love everything @thebrandyclark writes. What a talent!


Another great song from the amazingly talented Brandy Clark! Don't stop with this one, download her other 2 albums too - you won't regret it!


I love this song! Everything she writes and performs is awesome!!


Time after time Brandy Clark gifts us with music that brings big characters to life in songs that celebrate our everyday tribulations with a touch of dark humor. 'You're Drunk' is no exception and adds to her legacy as one of the most prolific storytellers in country music. Download it now!


I heard this song and my first thought was I could see this as a song along bar song. It's fun and relatable and just plain good! I now have it on repeat....


Brandy Clark has done it again! Such an incredible talented singer/songwriter! I absolutely love this song!


Brandy just never disappoints. This song reaches out, grabs your ears, makes your feet dance, your face smile, your heart happy, your eyes twinkle, your funny bone tickle. She's amazing. And Jay Joyce!!!!!


We Absoultely Love this song!!! Must buy!


This song will be blasting in my Jeep on every trail I drive! It's another winner!!!


Once again Brandy Clark delivers! Love the lyrics which, as usual, paint quite a picture.


Absolutely phenomenal! Get this song!

A Cox

Brandy Clark is one of the best singer/songwriters out there! She's singing my life! Love it!

Wyoming Inked

Brandy Clark is the most underrated singer/songwriter in Nashville. This song is quintessential Brandy & I love it! Download her albums "12 Stories" & "Big Day In A Small Town" too!