Dane Cook - You Have to F*****g Eat

℗ 2015 Dane Cook

You Have to F*****g Eat - Single Tracklist:

Tony 2Toes

Should have been made to fit the song, people would have understood it more. We get it’s by Dane Cook, he doesn’t need his face taking up 90% of the image space.


This is a sequel to Go the F*** to Sleep. Same author, different narrator.


What happened to Dane cook? He used to be downright hilarious...if you listen to his cd's he just gets increasingly more vulgar until he's just not funny anymore...for some reason it's supposed to be funny if you curse up and down now...maybe fame went to his head or staring in a few movies just made him lazy...feel sorry for him that he thinks crap is something worth publishing...

bob fresh

This is really not funny. You're not funny anymore. This is so bad.