YBN Cordae - The Lost Boy

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The Lost Boy Tracklist:

nickname boi 27

So uplifting joining my car trip albums: Like Astro World Eternal Atake 10/10 Best tracks: Bad idea, RNP Worst tracks: if I had to choose I’d say Wintertime


This kid is madd nice, C him on the Bet awards with H.E.R. you'll see what Im talkin bout! Bad Idea is Nostalgic for me peace

wow okay lol

Only album in which I’ve loved every song

A google user 23

One of the few albums i actually sat down, listened to and enjoyed every track. Definitely worth the buy 🤫


Its so good


Yes yes yes yes yes


Love this with all my heart. Tells a story. Beautiful.

Demon kitty

No mumbling here. Wish more people make music like this

AMG ent


Nomad Creole

The whole album repeat...enjoy!!!

mr. dznr

I was a lost boy until I found this album. Hottest album of 2019 hands down🔥😤


“Rappers is jokes, I’m a musician “ Nuff said...


Stumbled on this album and got to say, I enjoyed from beginning to end.


YBN Cordae is one of the better younger rappers. He's proven his lyricism is fantastic, his flows are great, & his hooks are great as well. The Lost Boy is a fantastic debut album for anyone, for someone who's 22 years old, & for him to put out an album of this quality is crazy. He has a bright future in front of him, & it doesn't look like he's going anywhere any time soon. Do yourself a favor, & listen to this album if you're a fan of lyrcil rap. Prove lyrics still mater in rap scene more than just a hot melody.


The lyricism in this album is so good, I can’t believe I didn’t listen to him until now, not a single bad track on this album and he’s a good storyteller, I can’t wait for his next album to see if he can top this cause this is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long while 🔥💯


just boring

tyxt tzycuxtzrzr g t t t hy



Whole album took me by surprise and not what I was expecting from this young man. This is for true hip-hop fans. Music with a message. Suitland, MD stand up!!!


Honestly this album is amazing , it’s a nice debut album to start off with


best album 2019🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Talent is real


Nothing but consistent bangers and swag shout out to the kid he got it. Nothing but young talent


Just not good at all


Finally I Don’t Have To Be An Old Head Anymore


I hadn't really paid much attention to this guy before since there's just so many rappers coming out and 90% of them are trash, just boring or sound like other rappers, but this guy can rap, he's definitely not a mumble rapper.


Hellllllllaaa gooood🔥


I can’t believe I was sleeping on bro. Every song on here is fire. I had to purchase this🔥 10/10 from me. Have Mercy and Broke As F**K some hits

Ernest Dixon Jr

The Vibe is Krazyy on here ! 🔥

E BizZ

I love it. I dont even remember the last time I even bought an album but I had to get this. For being so young and making music like this is REAL hip hop. #BARZ


Corny and doesn’t have his own style


Album of the year so far.


Amazing for debut, perfectly put together, good flow, good beats, good lyricism. Can’t wait for him to grow as an artist and make some songs to top charts.


Tha whole album 🔥 put together well


YBN Cordae has always been a good artist too me, with this album he proves he is great. From the catchy hooks to the true lyrics, this album is outstanding. The features are good as well (RNP is an outstanding collaboration) Overall this album has like no big mistakes, keep it up Cordae! Grade: 8.5/10 B+

Taz Tza

N/A just listen you won’t be disappointed

Marcus Cabell

Fire! Fire! Fire!


In this album you can tell this young artists is gonna be around for many many years too come and we’ll be known to be one of the best rappers at the top for years. This is an beautiful debut album that is one of many great albums to come.


It’s boring af


If Kendrick and Cole had a child it would be Cordae.


Come on son

Troll football

Very good considering it’s his first mainstream project. The production and the writing were good but not A+ standard. overall a very well 8/10. I enjoy this album


i love this style it’s so raw and cool


Knew since day 1 he’d have real talent.


This is one of the best first projects I’ve heard in a while. It gives you a proper introduction into who he is and what he brings as a rapper. I can’t wait to see more from this dude!


Surprisingly impressed!!


Round of applause YBN

Fire AV

This album is amazing, can’t believe it’s his debut

water man bun kelly

This is the dopest album of the year and Cordae is about to take over the game 🔥🔥🔥

2012 nfl

Way better than chance new album too