Adam Calhoun - War

℗ 2019 ACal

War Tracklist:



I love this guy! He keeps it real and can actually understand his lyrics


Hey Adam I love love all of your albums


Best music


Why is this garbage even being attempted? Adam preaches against drug use in his every day life and glorified it here? The heck are you doing man. Pick a life and stick to it.


Adam! you are the best man! GOD bless AMERICA!


Felon who didnt serve raps about war. Priceless. G-easy if your in need of a real white rapper.


I thought it would be Metal not crap


Amazing music an amazing artist. Speaks and raps everything I stand for and believe in.


I feel his message, I just don’t like the music. To each there own.


Subject matter aside this guy just can’t rap and his beats are trash


Nah this ain’t it


Great album just like the ones before. Keep speaking the truth Adam!


Stick to Ace Book. AWFUL.

The Det

The song "Clean Money"; you gotta check it out. It's an anthem for us working peeps!

Ryan j a

A lot of basement SJW Gammas one star reviews .The is great Album .


This is a guy who will trash movements that uplift oppressed people and minorities but then steal their art. Say no to reactionary rap.


This man really uses the N-word and y’all are cool with that?


It’s time to stop no more 🗑


Just read title

JD from STL

I don’t think Adam Calhoun has a song I don’t like! I hope you keep producing some kind of music after this because you have a talent like no other.


It’s okay to be American!!


Utilizing Black genres to be racist and idiotic. 🤮🤮🤮

Kunye vest

Best hip hop album coming with that intense energy y’all must experience to believe!!! This guy is amazing! This is ol skooL style at the best! Better than Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, 2pac, Biggie combined! The soundscapes and energy is amazing, it gets you pumped for everything, pumped for life! Love this album! It innovates everything! Above and beyond

shane rulong

Great album bro and everyone hating on it you just don’t understand sorry it’s not your hip hop raping about drugs and hoes and money cough cough dirty money cough cough but that’s my opinion sorry he’s not a thug and a low life this man has a talent and should be heard and y’all are saying he’s ruining rap I’m just saying I’m pretty sure he’s number one on hip hop charts but yet he’s trash to y’all that’s awfully weird isn’t it but Adam keep your head high this was a great album man 👍🏻🤘🏻 all the snow flakes obviously are gonna hop on it and call it trash that’s because they are low life’s but oh well bro keep kicking it🤘🏻


The intensity realness and passion comes smashing through the speakers. This man needs to be recognized by the establishment. The garbage people call music now a days pales in comparison to Adam and the Country Rap movement. Personally I would like to keep it underground to keep the closeness of his work. However, there is no doubt this man deserves the spotlight reserved now only for the pop Disney generation of fluff music

Johnny Lo

This is crap.


Adam has done it again! Another great recorded for the books. Hopefully one of these guys can learn a little something from him.


Nailed out again!!!


Why do hillbillies keep trying to ruin rap






now THIS is music. only REAL Americans will understand. this is a masterpiece, yet another album spreading hatred, ignorance, and toxic masculinity 😍


Always says how it it. Great album.


Adam Calhoun is always killin it


The best Adam has done order it

tuck my peter

Good artist



Hunter Zidermanis

Amazing as usual

adam trump


Charlay James

Can never go wrong with Calhoun, Upchurch, or Demun Jones!!!


It’s quite sad that people actually gave this guy the opportunity to come up. Always releasing trash. 👎🏼


We’re bring back masculinity crushing one pansy at a time

Unmotivated Nation

This is awesome.



Fortean 5

Upchurch leads all artists in talent, ability, and plain real. Next is Adam, unfortunately he’s overly associated with Hosier who is awful, and sounds like a 90 year old man kicked in the nuts.


Calhoun is one of the best artists out, he tells it how it is and don’t care. His music is 🔥 can’t wait to get this new album.

Big Dog Sully 73 OT!

Adam is most definitely chasing the dream. He writes from the heart and raps/sings the truth. It’s great watching his journey. The music is awesome country/rap.


One of the best out there and speaks the truth.

chevy owner_911

If you haven’t you need to do so


True American🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸