Wale - Wow... That's Crazy

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Souljourner truth

Good FORM Wale, the whole album! Way to keep the DMV on the map!


This is my favorite song by him!

Scorpion Ming



This Is A Slept On Album I Myself Am A Poet And Find This Album To Be Very Poetic And Very Therapeutic!, And I’m Very Picky With Who And What I Listen To And This Is A Great Buy 🙌🏽🙏🏽👑👌🏽💯 From Start To Finish

globy bryant

Very focused album great top to bottom


Love this album


🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 great album did not skip not one song , love the realism and reality that he put in this album.


Was so wrong about this one initially, but this album is pure artistry


Beautiful body of work! Buy the full album!!


This is a great album top to bottom. Love the vibe, the production value and of course the lyrical growth from Wale. Been a huge fan since day 1 of this talented artist. His album is refreshing content to listen to and got me hooked. Love the work and the music. Much appreciated to hear this depth of music during a climate in rap where it’s less about lyrical content.




An honest opinion from a HUGE Wale fan is this album is complete trash. I hate to say it but Wale has been going downhill and it’s sad because I use to love everything he put out. I’m asking Apple for my money back.


For those of you saying this album is not well put in place and out of the place. Take the time to listen to album a few times and you would understand. This is by the most improved album. He put out his heart and soul into the music. But every is entitled to their opinion which I won’t take away.

Velvet 3/4

I don’t have to skip a song. I see people saying stuff about direction, i think this album is about black appreciation. That’s how i perceived it, and i love it.


Loving this album !!! Been playing/listening to it nonstop!! Still can’t believe this is his sixth album!!! They just keep getting better and better!!! Wale brought it with this album!!! 🙌🏾💯🔥🔥🔥💙💙💙💙🌙...


I feel like he telling us about his relationships and yeah there a couple tracks out place but for the most part it’s fire


All that needs to be said!!


This album is 🔥


Go get it


This album has at least 8-10 solid tracks. I’ll admit, some tracks are not that great. However this album gets a solid review from me. I appreciate good music, I’ve listened to the album front to back about 10 times already. It’s really good 4 out of 5 stars. If you haven’t checked out the new album by Common, Let love. You’re missing out. Peace y’all


🔥🔥another great album from wale

String Bean87

This album sucked so bad.


Sue me I’m rooting for Wale to be recognized as of the greatest most talented emcees to ever touch the mic! Wordplay, flows, subject matter, album cover art & beat selection on this project was truly phenomenal! Definitely one of the best albums to drop this year! Hopefully gets some Grammy nominations & wins! He’s always deserved one imo but I hope he gets that recognition this time around!


I think that this is a strong comeback for Wale. He really put his heart into this album, just listen to his bars. Some songs are kinda random like the second track but is overall consistent in quality throughout the album. #1 hit On Chill, I mean this is a good project.



Shalamar Ratliff

Wale has always been one of my favorites he’s so underrated and he never fail me another amazing project he’s done once again keep making your fans proud my man you’re it if no one else thinks you are album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Jai bird

He always has something to say and that’s why I respect this dude!


This entire album from beginning to end is Wale’s BEST work EVER!!!!


Wale always delivers solid albums and good music. He is among the rap elite.


The album is really good. Truly underrated and under-appreciated!




Yeah!!! Def ... “The 🧻_shi...(in a great way)😁


Wake definitely been grinding and it’s showing. I’m feeling this album.


I’m rootin for everybody that’s black 💯


How you gonna talk about black excellence and then literally make songs on the same album with people like weak mill and megan thee horse who are literally killing hip hop, make black people look like trash and basically the waste of the black race?


Wale still sounds like 2010—not in a good way




Forever a legend, his music is life. Wale always brings out the best... I’m telling you.


Incredible album!


Beautifully put together classic

Lovin Freebie

Thank you for an amazing album. Expectations has been on repeat since the album’s release.


I love this album every time I listen to it like my favorite song changes. Wales words speak such a truth about himself that many of can relate and feel the same about.


This album is a mess and all over the place conceptually it lacks direction.


Lyrically inclined!!! The genius is back at it!


Wale is back. This is black excellence and needs to be fully supported by the culture!


Amazing album 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾


Amazing body of work. From start to finish no skips


Wale being Wale. A poetic genius


I’ve been a fan of Wale’s music since I heard his song with Lady Gaga “Chillin” back around I think 2009. Hrs been part of many classics ranging from his own songs like: Bait, Ambition, 90210, LoveHate Thing, My Boy, The Break Up Song and more. He showed us his range in variety with freestyles including W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. and developing his feature skills with No Hands, Heaven’s Afternoon (🔥Back2Back with Meek🙏) Bag of Money, Power Circle and more. He was an XXL Freshman Class member, made a mixtape about nothing and an album about nothing as Seinfeld themed tracks and more. So when you see someone label this album as “One Star” or “Trash” or “I expected more” then you as the listener, as the fan of an artist, a fan of this industry with Rap, Hip-Hop, Rhythm & Blues, just Soulful music then you need to really dive into Wale’s music and lyrics for each song within this album. I’ll admit, he’s got some CRAZY features but when I first listened, I didn’t look at that because I knew the dude’s history and literally His Story before deciding if I liked this new album. I do like it, I gave it 5 stars for a reason but I wasn’t quick with the BS to judge because the Moonz have taste. If you don’t get that Moonz reference by now, you clearly didn’t dive in like I told you to before listening 😂 🤩🌙🌜💫⭐️ Folarin!! Congrats my dude, you made six albums and I hope for more!! Keep doing great!

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