Various Artists - The Greatest Showman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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The Greatest Showman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tracklist:


Love the show 💕 ❤️🥰


So good!Best soundtrack ever!Literally!They all did such a good job!👏👏👏👍👍


My daughter loves this soundtrack. She listens to it over and over.


I adore this movie from my heart and the soundtrack is amazing but unable to hear vocals in a few songs on the playlist. I have only downloaded one song because of that.


I honestly loveeeee the greatest showman soundtrack and movie! Recommend!


Very inspirational, emotional, and open hearted, has made me cry multiple times, such a beautiful piece of music, I am currently listening to the album right now while 😭. Great job!👏🏻


Why are people complaining? It is good and the “Greatest” 😍😍

F-150 monster

I've read a lot of reviews saying it needs to be remastered but y'all missing the point. This was in a Broadway style movie therefor it has Broadway sounding music. But man this is possibly the best soundtrack in the world and I think it's fine how it is!!!


I love this soundtrack and the movie is even better it full of drama and great music and talk about zac effron and zendaya! I would recommend this to anyone


All the songs are so goooood

adds 😍😍😇

It’s better than any others I have

Dude. no

I am blown away by this music. The percussion kinda out-does the vocals, but not so much that it would make me miserable. Never enough. I wish I could sing it this well. She is amazing.


My dance does come alive for our opening we added a tap part but still love it I own the movie on my iPhone and the movie. I live how the songs are made and I love Zac Efron!!! I do a cartwheel in my dance I get lifted in the air so the song is perfect for our dance!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💙💙💙Love,your biggest fan!


Such a good song just love it

[email protected]🥎

I’m like obsessed with all of the songs.

Lovely 59 joAnne

Best wishes to come to see you grandma And I love this musical that wasn’t true and she loved her doctors and she is always grateful for caring about her grandchildren and daughters and some of her family members and She is the best gift card I have never seen a gift card in all of my life except for IHOP and for buying her grandchildren she is always Thankful I love my daughters so much and she is so excited forget about My daughters and grandchildren and I never give up on myself and cares about Them all my heart is Always Grateful Amen


I haven’t even seen the movie, the music caught me!

😍😚 I love it

Is a great movie it’s such a good movie I love it It’s a awesome movie

Yvette Br.

Never Enough and Rewrite the Stars alone are enough to give this album 5 stars. Love it so much.

deer are awsme

Awesome 🤩

Blue wind 290

I recently watched this movie last year. Bought the songs, however, I download them one day and then the next the songs were not on my music app. Tried everything it won’t go. Just recently bought Never enough and that one was download. Help! I really want these songs on my music app




I love all of these except From now on. Very good


This shows singing dancing acting is perfect! Me and my mom love singing and dancing so this movie was perfect for us! If you could make us a part two it would be a dream come true.

lotr fan hm

This soundtrack is amazing. I especially love A Million Dreams and Rewrite the Stars. However the beat is always louder than the other music. The Greatest Show , This is Me, Come Alive, The Other Side, and From Now On are the worst, but even in A Million Dreams there are parts where you can’t hear the other music. I am with many other reviewers. Please re-mix this and release it again.


I sang it for coir it sounds amazing and awesome


I can not sing it so great 😀😀😀😀😃

a person who likes metal music

The circus is such an antiquated entertainment genre for a reason. Not only does it have a hideously racist history, but it also has a reputation of the mistreatment of people with disabilities. Freak shows. Y’all remember those?? Ya Know, where we display human beings with medical conditions for a good laugh?? Where we objectify people of colour and profit from the insensitivity of the public? Yeah, call me an SJW all you please, but I’m sure NO ONE would want to be laughed at publicly day in day out for a living. Sure this movie is a good musical and is visually entertaining, but in the end you really can’t think about it much without reality spoiling this so-called story. Like the movie Pocahontas, it all falls apart if you have even a high school education in history.


I love “the other side” to me it is the best one!!😋 I LOVEEEEEEEE Zendaya SHE IS MY IDOL

Savannah Brengman04

It’s not the best movie out right now but it’s still really good.

Padame Amadala

This was so good I can’t stop singing it.

The Amazing Greatest Showman

This soundtrack is so amazing. It’s so beautiful and fun. You won’t regret buying this. These songs have so much passion and desire that it makes me exited to turn on my soundtrack and listen to it.

hamony lovegood

Tge songs are amazing and probably my favorite songs

Mr Mushrum

It’s overrated, also, why the heck is every song recorded at drastically different volumes.


Two words: Never enough

look for love 99

I think it’s a good idea to make this soundtrack



miss maddie paddy

I watched the movie and I love that songs. From Maddie age 8👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👍🏻🐆🦚🏊🏻‍♀️

OwO waffle gurl

I love how everything is mixed!! And people who say it’s mixed in the bad way, it’s supposed to be loud and mixed the musical/movie is about a circus with people who have some sort of talent or special feature, so if you think it’s not supposed to be that way then ur wrong from now onnn look at people’s potential they way it existsss...


TOO MUCH AUTOTUNE!!!! Needed less really. Also, I hate that it turns an awful man into a hero. He really was a butt


Love the music!


This music is amazing love you guys keep up the good work 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

time to dace

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D Hussmann

Me and my girls can listen to this soundtrack over and over again. Such great songs.

Sheepez Master

I’m writing this review on only a couple songs, but wow they’re amazing. I love “This Is Me” so much and I even sang it in a program. I also love “Rewrite the Stars”. The tunes of the voices are beautiful and the music fits sooo well. The singers voices almost sound like they’re putting real, true emotions into them. I

Ninjago Jaya shipper 22

This is my fave movie,and I’m in the performance arts and it was so encouraging, and the music is my fave part!

kathy rich

I know this is late but the songs were amazing! They were so high, but that’s a good thing! I’m doing acting camp with all the songs and I love it! People say the songs are too high and mixed, but guess what... THEY HAVE NO SENSE IN SONGS! I’m defending what I think, but I love it! The movie is extraordinarily awesome! I hope there’s another!


Why is the same annoying person using multiple names to constantly say ‘REMASTER’ and PERCUSSION’?! 😂 As if all of these complaints know it’s the ‘PERCUSSION’. 😂😂😂🤪😂😂😂


I loved the film! And the songs are just amazing! I love them! I really recommenced them!

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