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Solid Album.

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Vampire Weekend is a great band and this album has many of my favorites. A-Punk brings me back to when I was a teenager for some reason it makes me think of high school. Everything else is what i listen to when I’m in that chillaxed mood🤙 Can’t wait for album # 4, keep it up vampire Weekend.


Never gets old. Has a great sound. It's a classic album. Still listening to it in 2016 gets you in the mood for summer and the beach


This is a perfect record get it!


I love this band! Needless to say, I also love this album. :-) Their songs are way better than any Top 40 crap.




Amazing you better buy this


I find vampire weekend vary skilled I give them 10 out 10. I formed my on opinion now form yours.


It's crazy his much I love this album. Every song. Except one and the worst I can say about it is that I like it a lot.

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fantastic! 👍


After 3 albums, this remains their best work. They are less wacked out for many of these songs than they are on Contra.The reviewier is correct, the first 4 songs are the standouts. Bryn and New Face are easily the worst and the rest are sorta in the middle. Each album has one true hit. Oxford Comma rocks and is possibly my favorite VW song. They're near great when they're good, but they are awful when they are bad. It's either near the bullseye, or not even hitting the target. Most of these songs are catchy and fun. Though most barely make sense and are patent attempts to sound inteligent and witty, they're still catchy despite being unintelligible. This band makes the psuedo intellectuals swoon.


Just started listening to these guys and their great. Different kinda sound. Very upbeat.


I wish Vampire Weekend had more followers because there sound is so awesome and wicked unique


This stuff is better than anything released since 2008. Their music is so unique and individual and there's nothing else like it! That's why I love it!!!! Buy this album trust me IT IS WORTH THE MONEY!!!

Bako Fan

Love this album.


One of the best albums.


I can listen to this album all the way through and can't find any weak points. The way this band intertwines indie rock with African and Indian beats is truly amazing. Tracks like "a-punk" and "Oxford comma" are very catchy with lyrics and wordplay that draw you in and keep you satisfied. Although underrated, I truly believe "the kids don't stand a chance" is the best song on the album. The combination of melody and lyrics with the music is genius. Although their new album is more mature and has a more distinct sound, it will never surpass the debut album of one of the best bands of our time.


One of my favorite albums of all time. I love this band.

Cam Dee

vampire weekend is great, was great, and will forever be fantastic. they sound awesome live too!

Very Quickly

The f bomb? What are you 12? This is art, not gangsta rap. No explicit warning is required.


just wondering why "walcott" isn't labelled "explicit"? i would not have purchased the song had i known it dropped the f-bomb twice ...disappointing.


I stumbled upon this a year ago and i still cant get enough of this and contra! looking forward to the new album modern vampires of the city!

Mathew Mach

Dude if your not going to say anything good about an original band then don't say/text anything at all you probably can't even do any better then them


Fell in love the first time I heard this album 5 years ago. VW doesn't "need" anything extra at all (cough cough more electric guitars, louder percussion, thundering bass, or a great vocalist). Ezra is an amazing vocalist and one of my favorites. If they had any of the other things, they'd sound just like any other washed up "indie" band. Their sound is unique and that's that the music scene needs. If only they toured a bit more, my life would be perfect!! If you don't have a hard copy of this CD, go get it as well!


Nuff said

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We had to sing this song in music class, and I really liked it


A friend recommended me to listen to their album, and I must say; I really enjoyed it. They're so unique from whats mainstream right now.


At first I thought this band's music was stupid, then I just kinda grew on me. Love this album!


Campus is probably the most amazing song I've heard. Seriously. I don't know why, but I can keep the song on repeat for hours. Vampire Weekend, you guys are BEAST.


It's pretty good the guy has a good voice but needs something different


I'd rather listen to a band comprised of armpit farts and kazoos.


Okay, so I wanted to write the best songs on the album in this review so people get an idea of what songs are good, but guess what? THEY'RE ALL AMAZING! So ba-humbug, I can't give you the best songs. JUST BUY THE WHOLE ALBUM, PEOPLES! 😄 🎤


Honestly one of the few albums I can listen to all the way through, without skipping tracks. This album is perfect for basically everything: jogging/running, studying, relaxing, etc. I love it. Plus, VW is even better live! What you hear on the album is what you hear in concert! Favorite songs off this album are: campus, M79, Oxford comma, and mansard roof.

Jade Hades

These songs are VERY BORING. It's too light and soft. Vampire Weekend needs more electric guitars, louder percussion, a thundering bass, and a great vocalist. Or, if they really want to go for that New Wave, Police sort-of thing, they need a weird sounding keyboard or two and a decent guitarist that doesn't necessarily have loud, distorted solos. This music is just TOO DULL AND LIGHT. If you're looking for a light, popish lounge band, these are the guys for you. If you're looking for anything else... just move on.


I've actually had this album for the longest time but I've just never written a review haha. But Vampire Weekend just sounds so unique compared to the other music out there today, while at the same time staying modern. This album and Contra are wonderful. If I had to pick a favorite song, it would be Mansard Roof. It reminds me of sitting on the beach in Nantucket. And I love it!

Sonny Bunny :-)

My favorite thing about this album is the recurrance of strings and complex bass lines. It's such a unique and endearing album. 1. mansard roof 10/10- super catchy, love the percussion and the riff after the chorus. makes me want to go surfing.... 2. oxford comma 8/10. , this song is just witty as heck. however, it's not the catchiest on the album. 3. A-Punk 7.5 Decent song, but I don't get the hype. 4. cape cod kwassa kwassa 8.5/10. very nice song in the same vein as Mansard Roof. Really chill vibe, but Ezra's voice can be annoying in the chorus. 5. M79 10/10. Just listen to the song. Now. Why aren't you listening? GO DO IT NOW. I demand you. 6. campus 10/10. clever lyrics, great bassline. Pretty relatable as compared to some of their other songs. 7. Bryn 7.5/10. nothing special, a bit short, but nice nonetheless 8- Blake's got a new face 8/10 this song has kinda grown on me....the last line had me in stitches the first time I heard it. Worth a few listens. 9. i stand corrected 9/10 is it just me or does Ezra sound British in this song???? lol 10. walcott 910. The steel drums are fantastic as is the cello, just paints a really vivid image in the mind. 11. the kids don't stand a chance 8.5/10. also grew on me although I originally wasn't a fan; quite a funny song with lyrics like "shiny, shiny cuff links" and "murdering the plants" I have been putting off reviewing this for a while and I am going to reiterate that this is a fantastic album and I have liked it for a while now. If you have not yet listened to these vampires DO IT!


I first heard the song Oxford Comma and i was hooked instantly. The simplicity yet perfecting of this band makes it such a joy to listen to. I can't get enough and this album is a must have, especially if you're planning to drive to the beach soon


from the lyrics to the riffs, this album sticks


I like oxford comma, a-punk, bryn, Walcott... You know what, I love every single one of their songs. Extremely great album.


Great album!


Wonderful group. Awesome, spicy music.


This is a simply brilliant and amazing album! Key Tracks: A-Punk, The Kids Don't Stand a Chance, and Oxford Comma


I absolutely love this band...they are amazing and have the greatest sound! LOVE THEM!! My favorite songs are Walcott & Campus.


No joke this album doesn't disappoint...this is vampire weekend's best cd since it's the most recent;only thing that can tip it is a new album by them...California English only makes so much more sense when you hear part 2 and horchata and diplomats son are way too advance for our times




I can't find a song by Vampire Weekend that I don't like, they just have this addictive and almost soothing sound...I love it!


Th best songs of the album include 1:Cape cod kwassa kwassa 2:Oxford comma 3:A-Punk


This is one of my favorite albums of all time. If you are looking for an album that flows from beginning to end, this is it.


this cd is not as good as contra.


This bands really good any long time indie rock fan will love this there so talented and deserve more recognition