Shawn Mendes - Under Pressure (feat. teddy<3)

A Virgin EMI Records release; ℗ 2018 Universal Music Operations Limited

Under Pressure (feat. teddy<3) - Single Tracklist:

Retired Old Teacher

I'm a long-time fan of Queen and Freddy Mercury. Likewise David Bowie. Have all their early albums. Attended a Queen + Adam Lambert concert last year. Let their music live long. -And it will with the help of younger artists. Should no one else ever sing an Elvis Presley song? Should "White Christmas" be restricted to Bing Crosby? Lambert shouldn't sing Freddy? Mendes and Teddy G. obviously put a lot of thought and effort into this rendition. Nice job. I have room on my play list for Queen, Mercury without Queen,Bowie, Lambert and this version of Pressure. Nicely done.


This is terrible. And to think I just bought a few songs from Shawn...


So much fun!

set up a date

Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled like elder berries

Stephanie wangler

anything Freddie touched us gold, and a challenge for people to cover. Shawn did a great rendition with Under Pressure! There’s no reason to hate on this! Freddie wouldn’t like people hating on another musician!


Okay so I get it. This cover will never be the same as Queen’s original, but Shawn is Shawn not Freddie. His vocals were AMAZING in this and he deserves way more credit and love than he is given. This cover is amazing!

fluffy lamb lover

Remember he’s only 20 years old so he still has so much time.I like the song and that is my opinion so it is ok to express your opinion. The reviews are a little harsh but this is your opinion so say what you want. I do not believe in conflict.

the puth fairy

Everyone is being so mean just because he did a cover and made it his style. If you actually listen to it it’s a good cover.


I love Shawn😭

Dancer angel 😘💃🏻👑

Why are people so rude and closed minded. People need to calm down this is an amazing cover. I understand people like the original better but that’s BECAUSE ITS THE ORIGINAL. And that’s normal but don’t hate on the people who made a cover it’s so rude. And how is this cover disrespectful to the original. I swear people are so over dramatic. Love this cover and Shawn 💜


I don’t think you guys are being reasonable. Yes of course it isn’t as good as the original but I don’t think they were trying to be better. They were trying to pay tribute to the late Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. And they did awesome. Sometime I don’t understand u guys 😂


Alright look, is this better than the original song by Queen? No absolutely not it’ll never be as good as the original, but good lord everyone else be more reasonable (and respectful) this version is just ok.

Israel Vafix

The original and queen version is it better.


but i called the chief, he said this ain’t it


Yea...this is not good. Shawn Mendes is a talented person, but not for this. Another classic case of trying to take a popular artist and sticking them with a classic song. Sorry man, but this was a mistake.


Are absolutely ridiculous! I adore Queen and Shawn Mendes, Shawn Mendes slayed! Just like Queen and Bowie did ❤️


Wow just wow


Shawn did not just randomly release this as a goal to sound like Queen or just for fun. This is one of the songs for the new soundtrack that he was able to get the chance to sing on. Please don’t make assumptions right away and leave hate for no reason. Keep it up Shawn


It sounds like a kids bop version...


I've listened to plenty of versions of this song and this is the worst.


More than awful


the disrespect.


Just... Why


But he GREATLY overstepped his boundaries here


This is such a terrible cover of one of the greatest songs of all time. It saddens me that such a low quality artist was able to make such a high quality song. Disappointing

Lolita xo

Absolutely not.


What the hell? This is more heinous than the Vanilla Ice monstrosity. Please kid, go mess up a crap song and leave Queen alone. It reminds me how much I miss Freddie. God he was so talented, so artistic everything Mendes pretends to be. Shawn, you can’t hang with him.

Jordy Bart

This is a joke right? This is just down right terrible.


Yea no......


Get Adam Lambert to do this cover, not this terrible interpretation


Taylor Hawkins covers it way better


I hope I don’t ever hear this on the radio. Way to ruin a great song.


What are they doing


I love Shawn but this is just painful


Down right terrible


Bowie sweetie ,,, I am so sorry ,,,


This abomination is terrible! Freddy Mercury & David Bowie was one of the greatest collaborations in musical history. This unoriginal crapfest just shat all over that. No, no, and NO!


Who thought this was a good idea


I wish all the youth would use their time wisely and stop making covers. The entire YouTube musical community does it and it’s so played. Make your own music and hone your craft. Have respect for the artists before you. Also, David Bowie too should be just as upset for the people only mentioning Queen/Freddie Mercury.




It's not Queen and David Bowie - it's Shawn Mendes and Teddy Geiger, and that's ok by me. I think they do a very nice, inoffensive job of making the song their own and paying tribute to the classic. I'm a die hard passionate Queen/Freddie Mercury fan, and though I'm not as into Bowie, I have a tremendous amount of respect for him and do enjoy his music. With that said, I'll always be a little hesitant (but intrigued) to hear how people approach covering these songs, even artists that I am a fan of. I love Shawn and Teddy, which did mean I went in with positive expectations, but I always remain neutral when reacting to things. There have been plenty of times artists I love have disappointed or underwhelmed me. This was a very, VERY tall order so the chances of that happening were present, but I enjoyed this cover a lot and I commend Shawn and Teddy for taking it on, knowing how big a song it is and the inevitable mix of opinions they'd receieve. Speaking of that mix of opinions, that's why I was motivated to write this review. First let me say that I understand the protective vibe that Queen/Bowie/original artist fans have (I have it as well, trust me). I also understand that this isn't everyone's cup of tea; not everyone is a fan of Shawn Mendes or Teddy. However, some of the comments and backlash for this cover that I've seen have bordered on inappropriate and shockingly and appaulingly aggressive, and that's simply not ok. I respect and accept that others may not like this cover, and that is reasonable and to be expected. But it makes me sad to know that a simple cover of a song could send someone to such a dark place to post some of the things I've read. There are so many more offensive things in the world than a cover song, just to offer a reminder of perspective. Also, I feel it's important to mention the lyrics of this song. Those last pleading lines, "why can't we give love one more chance?". It's all about love people. That's what music and art and creativity is all about. It's meant to bring people together and inspire. I'm sure new artists like Shawn and Teddy are inspired by artists like Queen and Bowie. That's amazing, I love that. This cover may bring in a whole new group of Queen/Bowie fans, and that's amazing and I love that. This cover might draw in new people who can appreciate it's message, because, it's still so relevant now more than ever. And that's amazing and I love it. There are far more positives and things to look at with love when it comes to this cover than negative, but you have to be open to seeing them. And even if you don't, there's no need to add more fuel to the reactionary, angry world we live in. If you disagree, disagree with love. Disagree with respect. Disagree with maturity. That's my personal plea to the world, especially the one online. In conclusion to this essay of a review - I love all the artists involved with this song, old and new. I respect all of them for different reasons. I appreciate what they all have to offer in their unique, individual ways. This cover IN NO WAY ruins or replaces the original. The original still exists in all of it's glory, and always will. This cover is simply, different. That's all. As far as the negativity, i'm going to do like Freddie and with a cheeky smile and twinkle of the eye, just laugh it off. After all, it's just a song, darling.






Freddie Mercury is rolling in his grave


The cover is awesome!


Like so I am a great fan of queen and this is just an abomination.


This ain’t it.....


Remove this atrocity.