Sabrina Claudio - Truth Is

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Truth Is Tracklist:


Plenty of other talented r&b singers out there who AREN’T RACIST, no thank you


sabrina has consistently put out one amazing album after another. this is timeless talent.




Her soulful and angelic vocals are what keeps me wanting more from her. Unfortunately, due to her style, it seems to lack some variety in comparison from her last two albums. Instrumentally, she covered different stylistic beats and had encompassed some diverse vocal range, which is such a surprise once heard live. She is a lyrical goddess in which she emulates words that touches those whom they can relate to. Her connectivity to her emotions is the only reason why I have given 3-stars instead of 4. I still look forward to hearing more from her though. She’s still one of my favorite artists to have emerged.

Body Glitz

Since I first heard her in 2017 she continue to impress me and show perfect emotion through her voice!


Another good album with good songs.


The album is good. I like how her voice sounds. It’s a good kind of soul and rnb. I would have to say “Truth is” is my favorite song on the album. I am now a new fan.


I love this ablum!! It’s different and so many great songs to choose from. I saw Sabrina live btw today😁

Big D-Aus



Sabrina Claudio has been consistent. I love her music. This album is a great addition to her collection. And I've been playing it, ever since it dropped. She got that Sade vibe going on. Chill music.


Sabrina Claudio has put out consistently magnificent music. Give her the credit she deserves. R&B at it’s finest.


Kinda sounds like all the same songs. Like a long run-on sentence (run-on song). Also can’t understand what she’s saying most of the time. A lot of mumbling. Otherwise her tone is nice.


Easily one of my favorite albums ever!!! Sabrina never disappoints and her vocals are always entrancing!

Rogue ride

I would never monitarily support a racist. Ever.


Never fails to be genuine and authentic. Surprised she’s categorized as pop Honestly she needs her own category cause she’s creating her one lane in music 💕


I could listen to Sabrina for the rest of my life. Another album with great replay ability and no skip required. 👍🏽


This album is simply amazing. In such a short period of time, Sabrina has masterfully embodied this ageless sound that will be around for generations to come! Thank you for blessing me with this album on my birthday! Each album gets better and better!

Rene. R

This is R&B at its finest


You, you, you are mm.. can’t put it into words. You’re just that ethereal 💫💎


i love every single song that she put out on this album. her voice is too good, still love her past albums just as much. can’t wait to see this beaut in concert !!

Anarchist Vegan

Best voice in the business. ♥️




I’m inlove with Zayn’s voice. He is so amazaying❤️

Qasem mahmood

I've been waiting for this one


Her voice is just amazing, this record will be perfect!


Looking forward to this!