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TREASURE EP.FIN: All To Action Tracklist:



An album full of bops. Well done as always, Ateez!!!


Absolutely the BEST

bella nicle gibson



Dazzling Light is my favorite Ateez song PERIOD.


I love you, oppas💜


These songs were all so good and it has become one of my favorite albums ever. Totally recommend and stream Answer💕💕

Tutus info

i’ve been a fan of ateez for aWHILE and i think this is one of the strongest comebacks. i’m quite disappointed that they didn’t receive as many or ANY AT ALL awards for the comeback, but i’m so proud of them. and the fact that they’re coming out with ANOTHER album months after their last comeback is nuts but something they deserve so much respect for. TBH i like TXT but ATEEZ deserves so much more than the attention they already have—they deserve to be more popular than TXT (bc TXT literally has 2 comebacks and they’re already over the top?) & don’t get me wrong, they’re good and all, but AT LEAST i know that if it weren’t for bighit or bts, they’d be on the same level as ateez, probably lower. ANYWAYS, just a liddol rant, super proud of ATEEZ for all they’ve done.

scissors snip snip

Mist, Dazzling Light, Win, Wonderland, and Sunrise are such incredible songs. Park Seonghwa is truly amazing. ATEEZ are potential kings of Kpop!


No other words besides how proud I am of these boys with how much they’ve achieved within such a short period of time. This album is LEGIT a masterpiece and I cannot lie. Well done Ateez!


Another masterpiece by our pirate 🏴‍☠️ kings has been released I’m so happy 😀 they decided to release this album in October (not only because is the months they debuted but also my birthday month so this incredible surprise was like a birthday present to me. Thank you so much for you hard work ATEEZ please come back to KCON again you guy where amazing 😉 PS: I hope the WONDERLAND video gets released for sale in iTunes is just so good 😊USA 🇺🇸 please 🙏🏻


Thank you and Win are my favorites. Stan talent, Stan Ateez

lazzy punk66789

When I listen to wonderland I think of bright electro eyes and feel like I’m sleepwalking to a dark, fun, and tempting electro play-land. I love wonderland. Great music and and great talent. Be proud of it!💜💛


I am in love! These boys are taking the world by storm. The instrumental on each song is wonderful 👍🏽👍🏽


Stan ateez para una mejor vida

Lady same

All I have to say is, MIST!!!! What a song 💕


This album has no bad songs. Theses boys did it!!! ROTY anyone?

ya girl-

i seriously am in love with their styles of music,, and honestly i think their b-sides are better than their title tracks but overall this is an amazing album!! roty


ateez has literally never released a bad song


Man this is flat out good music. We stannn.


Ateez kills it as usual. There’s more RnB and actual singing on this album than past albums. But I miss all the international sounds and creativity that the past productions used. I feel like this More mainstream - nothing wrong with that. But I miss the innovation when it came to mixing different textures and sounds into the songs.


Full of bops. Music that inspires. They snapped.


Bops after bops...ROTY manners :) Stan ATEEZ!!!


Ateez just screams ROTY!! Full album is fuegoooo! Wonderland is Atinys anthem! Sidetracks are on another level too! Gotta love my pirate kings!!! ❤️


Just yes

Icey 💟

Ateez has been dropping Bangers since their debut so enough said . STAN ATEEZ !!! 🔥🖤




Every song is better than the next and this is truly their best album to date!! Great job and ATINY thank you <3 for working so hard and always thinking of us 💓💓


So proud of my boys this is such a good album


The entire album is amazing once again!! Love it! Love them❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I can’t express enough how much I actually love these boys and this album. I woke up at 3:30 am JUST so I could see wonderland as soon as it was released and I don’t release it at all. they’re so talented and deserve more than the entire world. ateez roty


Ateez never disappoints. Every song was well done.

Alora 💜

Every single song is such an experience. Ateez doesn’t know what bad songs are. Ateez really knows how to pull at my heart strings. They’ve worked so hard and they never disappoint. 💜💜


Ateez never disappoints! They are phenomenal and deserve everything and more! Mist, Win and Dazzling Light are so beautifully made♥️

Frustrated J-Cat

why do all boy groups only know cute and dark concepts? this is SO boring, not creative, this isn’t gonna make you chart. ateez stay flopping. stan blackpink, super m and red velvet if you have taste


This album is great! Good job boys!!!


Great vocals and beautiful melodies. ATEEZ killed it once again.! Thank you for all your hard work and songs dedicated to us, ATINY <3

Hannah M Berg

Best album so far! Love everything Ateez creates. The music moves me to tears of hopefulness. TRULY ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!




this album was amazing thank u ateez for continuing to bring out that good music


Ateez delivers with this album every song is chewing and diverse.


Amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, brilliant, never been done before, totally original


that’s it, that’s the review.




This album is literally one of the greatest I’ve ever listened to! I’m so proud of them! They’ve come from so far to here and I’m loving their progress through the different albums!! They never failed to amaze me!!




Oh my goodness ATINY! We are so blessed to have such an amazing album from Ateez!!! They really impressed me with their EPs, but this album is on a whole different level! The style changes between the songs within the album really makes you feel like your on an adventure! Thank you for your amazing hard work Ateez! ATINY will always love you!


Bro there isn’t one bad song on here. I never believed they were ever rookies their concepts are too good. The vocals, visuals, raps, flows, fashion, on point.


With their own unique style ever growing, getting bigger and better in a different atmosphere each time, this album keeps true to them. Beautiful vocals and melodies in the ballads, the songs with a faster tempo are definitely songs to be hyped about, carefully sculpted to make your heartbeat rise, giving the listener a sense of power and strength. Language is not a barrier in their songs, you hear their meanings in the themes, in the voices of Ateez. With captivating raps, powerful vocals, and a vast range of pitches at their disposal, these eight boys have so many capabilities and talents to share with the world, and they are a MUST to look into.


They keep exceeding our expectations!!


amazing aoty ateez continues to get better and better