Tombs - Monarchy of Shadows

℗ 2020 Tombs

Monarchy of Shadows Tracklist:


iTunes needs to update the review stats on this one and lift the troll curse! I couldn’t get into Tombs when they first released but I’m gonna have to go back and listen again cuz this album is amazing! Love the gothic vocal sections that bleed into the dying orc screams! I listen to a lot of blackmetal and they definitely stand out! Got a lot of different influences in theyre music. And with all the good blackmetal that’s been coming out, this one is a top contender!


Finally got my pre release album in the mail and this is album is some of the best work from Tombs. Mikes ability to combine the sounds of different genres Is nothing short of amazing. You can hear the progression of the music in each album these guys release, confirming that they always give it 1000% in song writing and execution. Great job. I look forward to seeing you live again.


There’s more in this than you’ll get in most albums. Chillingly timeless uncompromising extreme metal. People who leave 1 star before this is even released. You get what you deserve.


Kind of curious why it says there is only one review with one star when there are 3 reviews with 5 stars??