Tom Misch - Geography

℗ 2018 Beyond The Groove

Geography Tracklist:


I was listening to Geography taking off from Shanghai to Western China and the music fit perfectly with my mood that day. Misch reminds me of a jazz John Mayer. Great guitarist with a tight band.


Probably the best Album by Tom Misch yet. Hope in 2020 He will be released some cool stuff 🤤.


I feel like I’ve been missing out on this guy.


Heavy rotation! Solid.


I won't waste words here people. I'll just say..This music is..Straight up SMOOTH. Just about all of the cuts here are great. Well worth your duckies!




ugh so good

t mill 10

Lovely stuff


His voice resonated the rest of the night for me!!!! Thank goodness there’s someone left recording thoughts and feelings with such conviction—and completely authentic!!!


This album is fantastic from top to bottom!

D Herv

Love Tom’s music. This is a great album

that huge ariana fan

honestly would give this album 10/5 stars if i really would because this album is so amazing for sooo many reasons !! You have songs like “Disco Yes”, “South of the River”, and “Water Baby” that you listen to when you just want to groove and have a good time. Then you have songs like “Movie”, “You’re On My Mind”, and “We’ve Come So Far” that gives you these chill smooth vibes that I look for in my albums. It’s so versatile it’s crazy!! I love the guitar cover to Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” as well 💛 I mean even listening to the first track and hearing that he does this because of his true passion and love for music instead of money and fame made me a fan for all time ♡

Klassic game!

YOU DEFINITELY MADE A MASTERPIECE ! I hope you get the fame you deserve ! You deserve to blow up big time!!


Tom Misch really put in a lot of love and you can hear it, feel good music, definitley reccomend taking a listen to this whole album.


This album = dope



Cam, I Am

Been a longtime coming for Tom Misch's debut album and I am so glad it's finally here. Dude has been leveling up one project after the other from the Beat Tapes to his Reverie EP among others. "Geography" is fire. Tom's voice and production is fire. If you love groovy music, musicality, jazz, funk, soul, disco, I highly recommend. Overall an amazing album. Bright future ahead.


This is Smooth af.


It’s not even out but I know it’s bout to be lit.