Josh Baldwin - The War Is Over

℗ 2017 Bethel Music

The War Is Over Tracklist:


Love this guy. This guy loves the Lord. What's not to like?


I love how you can feel Holy Spirit speaking through our brothers and sisters at Bethel Music. Brother Josh's album is the same. Love it!


My family and I absolutely love Josh's worship style and listen to him often. We are so excited about this album, and it's amazing!! Every song is incredible, and I never tire of this album. It's SO good.


Thank you!! 🙌🏼


Josh is an amazing songwriter and you can feel the presence of God on this recording. I will be using many of these songs in my worship set. There is a confidence and a knowing in Josh's voice that resonates the truths found in these songs. He wrote these songs out of the journey of his own heart and that is why this recording is so powerful.


Absolutely incredible. Each song is powerful, brilliant, and beautiful. Awesome job Josh!



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This album is perfect for where I am at in my life right now! Especially Abraham! Thank you Josh!


I've long lost track of how many times I've listened to this.


Amazing album!!!! Every song is part of a journey, beautifully written music with a unique sound. I can't stop listening!!


Josh is seriously a blessing to the body of Christ. His style of music and worship is unique. The words of his music tell a story and affords the listener to gravitate toward a place of intimacy with our Heavenly Father. I highly recommend this CD!


Sorry to be a party pooper, but all of the music coming out of Bethel sounds the same! Boring. Where is the innovation in Christian music? It used to be cutting edge (Delirious, Audio Adrenaline w/Mark Stuart as lead vocal, Newsboys with Furler & Joel) Trite nonsense.


As titled, nailed it!


I listened to this on the livestream and i literally broke my internet streaming it (No I'm serious, my internet broke while I was streaming the album...) Anyways, I love the bluesy soulful southern rock vibes the album carries. It's such an encouraging album, and you can tell it was made with a lot of care and love. Abraham and the title track The War is Over have to be my favorite songs for right now, but the more I listen to it I'm sure they'll all be my favorites. Keep up the killer lyrics and total vibe Josh!


it just slays! Josh is an incredible songwriter, and a riiiiidiculous singer. these songs move me. and producer Bobby Strand does it again. all this record does is win.


Every song on this album is great. I have it on repeat at the house and the whole family loves it. Get Your Hopes up is my favorite song as it reminds us to stay focused on God's promises. I recommend this album to anyone who likes worship but is tired of the same old thing, this album is unique and authentic.


Have it have it. 10/10 - 5 Stars - 100%

Wade Vinson





Josh Baldwin, I'm freaking out! Sensory overload! Best worship songs I've heard from anyone in several years!! You did it!!!!!!! I will write 100 sermons and a new book while listening to this album! Thank you and God bless you!!


Amazing musically and spiritually

LGH Dave

The authenticity and hopefulness exudes in every single song! LOVE IT!


Thank you Josh! May God use you abundantly for his kingdom


Timely and passionate. Powerful lyrics!


I've had this on play on the free stream preview non-stop and will definitely be buying this! One of the most uplifting, encouraging worship albums I've heard in a long time - and there's a lot out there right now! Especially love Holding On - I'm walking through some tough stuff right now - this song is so full of hope! Love the whole album!!


Every song on this album is inspired and it's refreshing in a time when most worship is big band. Josh has a way of drawing into deeper intimacy and peace with the Father.