Tame Impala - The Slow Rush

An Island Records Australia release; ℗ 2020 Modular Recordings Pty Ltd

The Slow Rush Tracklist:


Sound gud


This Kevin Parker guy is just unreal period ❗️ Another masterpiece Thank you 🙏


It’s everything I want in a song. I love it.l!


So I've read a number of glowing reviews of Tame Impala during the last several years, and thought I would finally sample an album. This is just plain god-awful, boring sub-disco music. Suitable only for elevators and grocery stores. Dear brain-dead people who like this swill, there is a world of great music out there, why would you numb your brain with this guy's pathetic warbling?


Trying to update N'Sync isn't worth it.


I have no patience. What happened here? I thought this would be on the release? Tame Impala's best song to-date and it's not included? I don't get it. If it was good enough for a live version on SNL, why not here?

Britt 8)

Amazing. Love every song and the album as a whole is beautiful

Jay's House of Reviews

There isn’t a bad cut on this album. You can really see the growth in the artist as Kevin P. explores more of a pop sense in his production. I find this album gets better with each listen, and it’s all over Sirius as well, so I’ve been loving it in the truck as well. Just a terrific album.


I like it, but after a while it all sounds the same.


This is everything!


couldnt finish the whole album, songs felt stale and emotionless i got bored (except posthumous forgiveness)


Beautiful start to finish. I’m obsessed


Just listen to it you won’t regret it

Smoove N Coo

The entire album is good. “Breathe Deeper” gets you off your feet as soon as it starts 🕺🏾. My favorite songs are “Instant Destiny”, “On Track”, and “Tomorrow’s Dust”. i like every song on this album honestly. Another great album, well done Kevin‼️ 👏🏾👍🏾👊🏾💪🏾🤙🏾🙏🏾✌🏾


As always, wonderful joy for the ears 🎉


Took me a few listens to get into, but once I did? Oh man, it’s another world. Favorite Tame Impala Album by far. Fantastic job, Kevin.

Brūh møment

Whole album muy bueno


As with every Tame Impala album, Kevin Parker grows. No two albums are exactly the same, and this is what we get with the Slow Rush. An incredible album, with smooth melodies, tight bass lines, and out of this world drumming. Above all, this album sounds like nothing being playing on top 40 radio. The sounds and grooves on this album are more infectious than the Coronavirus.


Definitely worth the wait!


Absolutely one of the best bands currently!


The Slow Rush is one of those albums where you can’t just stay still when you hear it.


Those people wouldnt know good songwriting if it slapped them upside the head. They give this one star then rave about Justin Bieber in other reviews? What a total joke. This isnt as good as Innerspeaker or Lonerism, but it's better than Currents as a whole.


late seventies disco called and wants it's sound back

western kingbird

Kevin is one of the few artists who consistently makes so many songs that make me feel true joy.


My first time listening to them after I saw them on the new albums list. Wow! Such an awesome vibe. Puts you in a good mood too. Definitely recommending to my friends!


Kevin came through, what else is new am I right?

Rock the 80's

thank you kevin


Not as good as lonerism or currents Maybe 4 good songs Disappointing


I stayed away from the single releases so I could listen to the new set of music as a whole, but I have not done that yet. But I will on Apple Music and from the samples I’ve heard so far it sounds like I won’t be disappointed.


King of everything is back and this album literally has nothing but amazing music. STREAMMMM


Post Curents disco pop for unicorn chasing @matte_hanna