Susie Suh & Robot Koch - Here with Me

℗ 2014 Susie Suh & Robot Koch

Here with Me - Single Tracklist:


I heard this song on Blacklist. When I looked to see who it was I got goosebumps! I had been following Susie Suh since 2004 on MySpace in college when she was just starting! I am so proud of her and honored I have listened to her from the beginning! Keep producing the most beautiful songs!


Koch’s textures perfectly blend with Suh’s voice. There needs to be more material released in the future!


Heard it on Black List and I had to have it


I can't get enough of this song. Absolutely love it.


So good


I usually only listen to sad songs and this is just perfect and slow and just helps me sleep.


Finally this song has arrived. Thank you iTunes. Love this song as soon as I heard it on The Blacklist.


Been waiting forever for this song to be released! Love it!


I have been waiting and begging for a long time for this to be released!!!


The kind that stirs deep inside your soul.

julia wood♡︎

I heard this song on The Blacklist months ago. I went literally crazy trying to find out who wrote it, and found an answer soon after. This song came at a perfect time in my life, and Susie Suh and Robot Koch created magic with this song. Absolute perfection.


Like everyone else, I too have been waiting patiently for this song!! It's finally available on iTunes!! Woohoo!!


It's about time! I've been waiting a long time for this song. Absolutely love it!


Not anymore! Waiting for so long... Finally coming true! Awesome song...


Seriously been waiting forever for this song. It's the best. Thank God it finally is coming out!!


This song is amazing. I tweeted about it and had it favorited by Robot Koch back in Nov 2013. I'm overjoyed and have pre-ordered. Thank you!!!!!!


Amazing song!! Been waiting forever!!!


This is such an amazing song. The vibe of the song and the lyrical value combined make for one of the best songs I have heard, period. Love it; you can't help but be moved by this music. The only bad thing I would ever have to say is that we had to wait so long for it come up for purchase/download. Robot Koch is a great new (to me) find and this song is by far proof that it's worth a deeper look at his music.


Thank you iTunes for finally selling this song. I have been waiting patiently!