Surfaces - Horizons

℗ 2020 Surfaces Music / TenThousand Projects, LLC

Horizons Tracklist:


Up beat pop is rare


Perfect album, good easy listening hang out at home and just play on repeat.

@aniawise on insta

Every song is beautiful, you should def listen. Been on repeat forever ugh... such a good album, seriously.

Princess Meem 💖👑

Take it Easy, Lazy, and Good Day are my favorites. Good job! 🤙🌺


So good!!! U guys did a good job at making these songs just make u feel good. Also my favorites are Sunday Best and take it easy. Plus congrats forest And Colin, So good!!!


I’ve cried and cried cause I am so proud of you guys and this work of art of an album you guys created. I hope you play this album as much as I did and a million others are too. I love it❤️❤️, and I’m so proud of you guys! Where is your guys Grammy haha!!!!


umm how can you not LOVE them 🥺

naomi may surf

i love everything surfaces and this has to be my favorite album! in my opinion, the best song on here is take it easy ☀️✨🙂


I remember listening to Warm with Forrest and Bisqwik and just loving the feel of summer in late December. After that and finding out what Surfaces was just changed my whole musical mood lol. Even if you don’t like this type of music, the words that these songs sing are so true. I’d recommend listening to everything they have and will make in the future. This is the music I feel can make anyone come together to.


Can’t wait for it to drop