Sting & Shaggy - 44/876 (Deluxe)

A&M/Interscope Records; ℗ 2018 A&M Records

44/876 (Deluxe) Tracklist:


Sting is worth $100s of millions & Shaggy a few $ million. They wanted to have fun & do a project together. So they did. Any major record company will GREEN LIGHT anything with Sting’s name will make a few million $. Done quickly & weakly, but it is a album of “stuff.” As old George Carlin once said...”more stuff”. Them in concert together doing their own BEST stuff was WAY better, singing off/on & together, Sting on base of course, why waste more $ on an extra hires musician. Here’s to Sting & Shaggy.


Saw them in Denver last night! They were fantastic.... I love this vibe they have created... good stuff!!!

fast doggie

Simply awesome beautifully fun chill album. I would never had pictured Sting an Shaggy together on an album. They sound amazing together. Totally underrated. This album should be all over the radios especially for summer 2018 Makes you want to go out an dance with your girl at the local disco. Enjoy.

Pina Marone

An Incredible Collaboration. Absolutely Incredible. I caught the show in Cannes, France. Amazing. Come back to see us soon Sting and Shaggy


Seriously love this album. Feel good music!

Reggae Chief of Staff

This is a welcome and timely voice as it renders validation that reggae still speaks of social conditions, which is not coming from a Marley offspring. Pay attention to ‘crooked tree’ that speaks deep volume of injustice. The album grows on you.


Sting maintaining his own unique energy while returning to his adopted reggae roots and Shaggy, master ReggaeMon, Mr. Bombastic, together. These are two extraordinarily accomplished artists, with a little help from their friends, creating contemporary reggae magic. Sometimes pairings of such power and artistry conflict and don’t quite work. Not the case here. There is extraordinary synergy and inspiration from beginning to end. I would give it 6 stars if I could.


Feel good!


Look don't go into this album looknig for the Police or early Sting. go in to find a mostly breezy, joyful collaboration thats a great summer album. One published review correctly noted that were some of these songs released by more contemporary performers they'd be killin the chart. Enjoy the beats and the bass and you'll hear Marley and the Police lurking. Some Sting solo slowness creeps in on songs like 22nd Street, Sad Trombone, and 16 fathoms - these songs would be at home on his later solo stuff, but they tend to drop anchor on this second half of the album. still, its a really ncie surprise and worth giving it a chance. Maybe Bruno Mars will put out a cover and people will give it a chance and see how well some of these songs are actually crafted.


Positive vibe perfect timing. Many thanks.


Love, love, love this album! Sting and Shaggy hit a HOME RUN with this one!!!


legit why is this farther in the ranks that Cardi b no one knows who this is except old people and old ppl don’t even got phones so tell me who giving them good ratings?


I’m trying to like this album. I like these two separately for their creativity. Some of the songs on here are groove worthy but overall, the music is weak and the lyrics seem to be a bit hokey. Dare I say like show tunes. The music on many of the cuts sounds like it came out of an electric synthesizer. Like instruments from a Casio keyboard. They don’t sound real. Just background noise. Sting can mix much better sound than this. I miss his Jazz phase. But, despite all this, compared to many other choices available today, this is at least upbeat and positive for the most part. Not going to be a go to for the warmer weather as I had hoped for though.


Love shaggy and sting. It’s about time.




Bruh all I listen to is Trap music. I like all kinds of hip hop though. But this takes me back to the 90s when Shaggy was poppin. Good feelin music right here.

Lovers Choice VI

The collaboration and the music is excellent!!

Tony Alan

I’m a Sting/Police fan, but who thought this was a good idea?


This is one of the greatest collab...everrrr!!!! I’m totally enjoying this entire album.


Stings roots from the Police Days finally Done, after all the after thought, seemed to Just Disappear, after all who didn't love the Police with it's Reggae sound, but here we are experiencing the greatness we forgot about, at least I did, after all the solo success he takes his New album out of the Attic, blows off the Dust, and Wala #1 Reggae, #1 Pop,#1 Dance Etc... DON'T SAY I DID NOT TELL YOU, AND YES Shaggy adds that fresh Flava, as only the man can do!

happy blue monkey7

Are these two that desperate? Sounds like their just going through the emotions, this is really sad.


This is an album we Sting fans have wanted for a while. It does not dissapoint. Thank you gentlemen.


Sting sounds just as good on this album as he did in the police days! The best collaboration in music today! Who ever would’ve thought this would work? Absolutely incredible


Infectious grooves and melodies. Sting is still a relevant and important musician having fun and letting loose.


Amazing LP Sting & Shaggy collaboration is magic.

The Wayno Show

2 great artists come together to create an amazing reggae album. Shaggy shines as usual and Sting’s cool vibe makes this album a very enjoyable experience.


LOVE this!!! So refreshing and great to hear Sting doing reggae again!!! The fit is perfect and the songs beautiful and/or so catchy!!!


Who in the hell green lighted this generic project? Every song sounds the same and there’s just no life behind this music. Sting and Shaggy are too creative to settle on such bland music. They’ve either lost their touch or this is a cash grab.


Is it me or does “Sad Trombone” sound similar to “Its Probably Me”. No?! 🤷🏽‍♀️Well it’s probably me....I love this collaboration it reminds me so much of the early police and the early Sting as a solo artist.


This album is so good! Great collaboration




Perfect match & great timing. Heard them on npr/cbc interview, it was love at first sound. 1st time I buy an album on release day, 1st review. Feeling thankful, the world is a better place:)

rhythm merchant

i feel bad slamming on this and i'm so much at a major disadvantage, being a professional musician and understanding the craft working in the much is fundamentally wrong with this album. For starters sounds like Sting's voice really is not up to par. Shaggy's toasting gets on my last nerves. The arrangements are weak...i'm waiting for the redundancy to stop ...waiting for a lift and then the song is over. Out of the 16 tracks i see maybe 4 or 5 being a decent ...not bad, not great decent ...the rest is just a waste of time...and this really saddens me, because Sting is the reason i am a musician today.

Gerhard Holz

I listenend to the whole album a few times now, and it works. It's still uniquely a Sting album, and Shaggy adds a great additional facet to the songs, which I really like. The album has some highlights, "22nd street", "Dreaming in the U.S.A.", "Morning is coming", or "Sad Trombone" or " If you can't find love". It is not completely a reggae album, it certainly has plenty of pop on it, which is great. Certainly great to have new music from Sting with Shaggy!


This one is great !! Bout time sting goes back to reggae music which seems to be a perfect match chance to his voice ... Irie !!!


While reviewers seem to be having fun ripping this upcoming release, what I found is an album, that’s yes slightly cheesy, but also well done and enjoyable to listen to. Sting or Police fans that lack an appreciation of reggae might not like this and the same goes for reggae lovers without an appreciation for Sting. An odd pairing? Maybe, but I get it and have enjoyed the first five releases. I really like “Morning is Coming” as one of the more traditional/roots type songs and “Don’t Make Me Wait” is a fun listen. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest and appreciate Sting’s journey here.

Doheny Bob

Love S&S. Could listen to (and have) either all day. Can't believe I never thought of them together. Awesome and pure gold.


Sting's voice is pure magic and the reggae vibe is definitely him. I truly appreciate the collaboration with Shaggy. The two balance each other nicely, where Sting brings the smooth soul, Shaggy brings the fire. Love the album!


Interesting and well executed.

Mystery boy123

Love the collaboration! They sound amazing together. Wishing this album lots of success.


This album has surprised everyone because it is an excellent collaboration. This is the most pop album Sting has done in ages with gems “Sad Trambone” will make Bob Marley proud, and “Night Shift” resonates. “Dreaming in the USA” has The Police written all over with a twist of R&B and Soul. “Gotta get Back my Baby” is the most radio friendly tune in the project and has the potential to be a big hit. “Just One Lifetime” is another catchy tune that vibrates with beautiful vocals. “Waiting for the Break of Day” is another Stingish tune with reminder from his previous projects. Get it and enjoy your Spring and Summer. This is the Best Album of 2018.


Love this album!! So surprised to see Sting do this album with Shaggy, but so glad they collaborated because the end result is magic!!


This is great. Very fun good music. Reminiscent of the Reggae influences of the Police, with the mature Sting sound. Shaggy is good as well and really adds to album. Love that both artists are exploring this unexpected collaboration.

Jerry C.

I pray that everyone gets to enjoy such wonderful music for the soul. If radio, and younger generations can open up their ears and hearts to recieve this music into their lives, I guarantee smiles for years. Sting loves unpredictability. Reggae roots since the 70's. People stop complaining. This is what a true artist does. Enjoy this new ride that he offers us. Release "your" version of what Sting should play or sing. The wonderful thing is that he doesn't believe he is above or below anything or any other artist. Respect for Shaggy. He brings a very nice element to the mix. He colaborates very well. he is proving that his prsesnce is one with someone like Sting and allowing him the respcet as well. Congrats to the to of you. Thank you for fuilling up my heart and making me smile forever. Enjoy people ! Enjoy !!

insert available nickname

Let's be honest. The only negative review to date is because they just want some solo Sting. This is some awesome music! Hearing it live on the beach sold me. Can't wait for this!

Molokai Ike

Worth it.


Sting and Shaggy are brining a enjoyable reggae album. I'll be listening to this all summer. Time Sting got back to his roots.


So far the album is fantastic!


Only three songs pre-released but great collaboration between Sting & Shaggy and soothing as a day at the beach.


Both singles released are so catchy. What a fun collaboration! Can't wait for the entire album.

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