Kecia Lewis-Evans, Leslie Odom, Jr. & Raúl Esparza - Step Into the Light/Leap of Faith

℗ 2010 Leap of Faith Broadway Company, LP

Step Into the Light/Leap of Faith - Single Tracklist:


I was privledged to see this production on broadway during it's limited run. I'm wearing the t-shirt right now :) Loved the show! The music is contagious and the audience was on it's feet at the end. It was one of the few times I've actually waited by a stage door after a show.


The show is a combination of Music Man & Wicked with The FABULOUS voice of Raul Esparza, Brooke Shields & Kecia Lewis-Evans, Leslie Odom Jr & Company. I just saw it in Los Angeles and all I can tell you is walk, run, catch a train, plane, or steal a CAR but get there and see this show and hear this music. This is just a sample of the AMAZING songs in the show. Raul Esparza blows the Tent Down!


I saw this show three times at the Ahmanson. Got better each time! I loved the music, and the performances were knockout! If I could only request one other song (if I had to choose) for them to put on iTunes, it would be Raul Esparza's 11 o'clock number, "Jonas' Soliloquy." I hope they put all the songs up soon, though, 'cause I still have them stuck in my head!

Kyle C Olson

Leap of Faith is a new musical that is currently playing in Los Angeles, CA. Without question, it is simply a matter of time before this show 'leaps' over to Broadway. The entire cast is phenominal and the music is SO catchy! I am THRILLED to see they have released one of the songs from the show! It's safe to say (on behalf of myself and thousands of other fans) that we NEED to have this whole album released to iTunes!! The music is additcing and you just can't get enough. The sooner the better! :)


I saw one of the first shows in LA after Leap of Faith's official opening. I have to say, that even though the musical is still in its earlier stages, the music, the voices, are what make it a great piece of theater. All of the stars, Raul, Brooke, Kendra, Kecia and the rest of the cast are great. I really do hope we get a full cast album soon.

Music Album of Kecia Lewis-Evans, Leslie Odom, Jr. & Raúl Esparza: