Four Year Strong - Some of You Will Like This, Some of You Won't

℗ 2017 Pure Noise Records

Some of You Will Like This, Some of You Won't Tracklist:


For Lovers of Some Metal. Metalcorica, That Is.


Not my exact choice in genre... Having said that, They are still a rad group of dudes. Still a great album (Original) to me and is a weekly choice at times. Kudos to reaching out to the broad spectrum of people that enjoy this genre, and many others too.


At first listen I was like what the? I ended up buying and am honestly blown away by the writing on this record. They really did a great job. Songs feel like new songs but really good versions. They did an excellent job! Well done boys!


Emotion is what always connected FYS to the fans, this only broadens the potential appreciation of great song writing.


I love FYS playing acoustics but they can play faster than this and it sounds so much better. If you want to hear their non-overproduced acoustics go on YouTube and I guarantee you will agree


It just goes to show you that they are more than some punk metal rock band that can go balls to the wall with guitar and drums.. but we already knew that.


Wasn't sure if heroes get remembered acoustic would be good without the breakdowns...but as per usual, FYS pulled it off! Can't wait for the anniversary shows of rise or die trying!!


You guys have always been amazing and this only shows how great you guys can be even years later! See you guys this September on the meet and greet!