Solange - A Seat at the Table

℗ 2016 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

A Seat at the Table Tracklist:


Never thought I’d use that term to describe an Solange album!


A beautiful song that touched my heart and soul


This album totally cool omg I wish I can meet who made this song I’m your biggest fan 😻💗🤩🤗💗💗🥺

Jared Mullins

Solange you are a queen 👑 🙌🏽


this album is truly a masterpiece, the interludes, songs, the message behind them, and her voice all tie in to make this album a whole work of art. i genuinely appreciate Solonge 😭❤️


Thank you so much for this work of art! This album is so thoughtful and has touched me in so many ways. Keep being amazing!! 👍🏾


Shoutout to Raphael Saadiq for his production on this project. If you love this album you definitely need to get Raphael Saadiq “Instant Vintage” & D’Angelo and The Vanguard “Black Messiah” albums.


Never did I think music would be so therapeutic


Thank you for this album. I can’t stop listening. I know it’s cliché, but I truly play this listen to this beginning to end. Truly therapeutic music!!!!


Love this album

Vi Tenea

From beginning to End DOPE! I was very surprised by how beautiful it was. I still crave it sometimes. Great job Solange. This should have won album of the year.

Henry Guion

The girls is just brilliant she knows what she's doing and she knows how to make a master piece I'm glad she finally got her Grammy she deserved it!!!

Shhhhh. 😜

One of her best albums yet love it.


Beautiful, amazing body of work!!


I love the indie queen!


So raw & real yet refined. Tmeless, & flawless. Solange, you have truly found your lane Baby Girl. Keep driving hard & straight ahead. I have been a fan from day one. You should be proud.


This CD I so full of substance and quality. Absolutely love "Cranes In The Sky". From top to bottom...Amazing!!!


Solange is BRILLIANT! This Album is pure GENIUS FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END! Just bought it Today, and I'm Mad that it took me so long! Haven't listened to anyone else since I bought it! I LOVE IT SOLANGE! I AM A FAN FOR LIFE!😘Much LOVE!


I love her music!! It's amazing its meaningful it's music!!


Solange has really come into her own with this album. I am feeling this album you go girl.

Muffy Tepperman

And she's better than ever. I LIKED solange's previous work, especially True, but this album is a masterpiece.

KanD Ceedee

Hated it.

I came across a vid about Solange and her sister and decided to look Solange up found her vids on you tube and watched "Don't Touch My Hair" I was surprised the kid has talent! I never paid her any attention and Beyoncé didn't get much more except for the elevator twist, can someone say staged! What I like about Solange is that her song is relevant and heart felt and has a jazzy flair, her persona is earthy and stylishly eclectic "Don't" reminds me of late night music on a R&B station that I would happily drift into a dream state listening to. I rarely buy music immediately yet this track moved me and I am listening to it right now I wish Solange much continued success!


Her music is pure. It is always unique, it is always profound, and authentic. It is whimsical yet masterful. I love her approach. I love her voice. I love the stories that she tells. I love her message. She's a lyrical genius with the soul of a poet and the voice of an angel. My seat at the table is quite warm. -Day one fan sine "Solo Star".




Songs are relevant, I love Don't Touch My Hair...yup this is current, now...what you say to me?! I'm a fan Solange, keep giving us the messages we need in these days and times...praise to Tina!


Such an awesome artist. ✊🏾


Love Solange's entire album, her music is so funkadelic, yet futuristic. We love Solange❤️👍☯


I love this album!!!


I am so glad Solange put out this beautiful beautiful beautiful piece of work!!! I mean the whole album is GRAND!!! Been listening to this album non stop this past fall and winter!!! I can't thank her enough. I hope she KEEPS making music like this and more! Love you Solange 😘😘😘.


Thanks for being a beacon of being true to who you are ... From the time you appeared on Oprah with natural hair educating us about our true hair texture to standing strong in the face of racism, opposition and struggle ... I enjoy the music and the message behind it - we need your voice and I appreciate that you never stopped - stay blessed and take care of my people in the NOLA while we grind it out in H-Town. Thanks 👍🏾🙏🏾😇


The Album of the year.


Absolutely phenomenal. I'm completely shocked that I actually found a body of work this beautiful.


Seriously, this album saved my life. One of the greatest things to happen in 2016 was this release.


I am a senior and Solange take me back to my hay day. Love her style, her groove, and her ability to bring back something that was missing for years. That is a deep spirituality awareness. Thank you little sister for capturing the flavor. I can really put you in the category of some my greats, like Roy Ayers, among many.



B.G.the K.I.N.G.

...unless there's one I haven't heard besides the other one. Better voice, control, vibrate, highs and lows, quietness, projection. Unless, like I said there's another ones I haven't heard besides the other one.


Amazing album striaght throw. I love the fact she is not trying to be Beyonce. She is doing her.


Why was lil wayne on a track? he is a true c**n. like the greatest c**n of them all. his verse negates the whole album in that we all know he prays to money, is dying from drugs, and uses racism as a punchline in his "catchy" lyrics ie "beat the pu**y up like Emmitt Til."


A beautifully eloquent and heartfelt reflection on what it means to be a black woman in America today. The melodies are catchy and the lyrics are insightful and nuanced. This is so masterfully done. Continue to slay, Solange!


I haven't heard the whole album but the one song I just absolutely love is CRANES In The SKY...


This is off the charts!!! You will play it over and over


I'm sorry but I'm just NOT hearing what everyone else is "raving" about. All the songs sound the same. Literally the same. I had to check to make sure it wasn't the same track. Same beat, Same sound--every song. This album makes no sense whatsoever. This is not her best work at all.


Hands down solanges best body of work. Cohesive from start to finish. By far one of the best albums of 2016/2017. Have had this album on repeat for days !!!! Shoutout to my boyfriend for getting me this album


The whole album was beautifully made.

[email protected]@yobitchfavorme

She is amazing!!Such an inspiration !!


Solange as a writer, performer, arranger and artist is phenomenal!!


I accidentally stumbled across this album - and I am sure glad I did. It is well constructed, the lyrics are on point, and the interludes are well placed (I often find them unnecessary in most albums) Well done, Solange.


Remember that time Solange put hands on Jay-Z and nobody had an issue with it? If it had been reversed, Jay would STILL be in court and going through court mandated B.S. However, this album is wonderfully built and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I won't give it a lower rating than it deserves because I feel we have social issues to address. But I hope you all consider that idea when you listen to this album.


Thank you Solange.