Slipknot - .5: The Gray Chapter (Special Edition)

℗ 2014 The All Blacks U.S.A., Inc.

.5: The Gray Chapter (Special Edition) Tracklist:




I believe they went for a radio vibe with intentions of carrying on with there band after the huge lose P.Gray. Great to see them after all these years still doing it


Long overdue review here, I think XIX Really brings tears to the eyes and means don’t give up and stay strong even though you’re sad, and The Devil in I music video came out 1 month before my mom passed away from cancer, so that song means a lot to me and after that I started listening to Slipknot a lot more and became a true fan/maggot


One of my favorite metal albums of all time

jon S11b

My personal favorite album


Keep it up


Great content nearly the entire albumn is awesome!


Legendary! And Joe Barresi’s production is absolutely stellar!


Just buy it. That’s all that is needed to be said.


Best ever


This album is really good!!! It gets you pumped I love Metal so much


This album is awesome I can’t wait for the next one to come


A bunch of songs in this album were super catchy and awesome videos!


The mix between the metal from slipknot and the hard rock feel from stone sour is just ingenious on this album! These guys never cease to amaze me!


Ever since Slipknot released their self titled album "Slipknot" they just got better and evolved to even higher stages through every album! In .1 Slipknot it was all yell. Vomit. Beat people up. Then in .2 Iowa Slipknot had a new "tone" of metal, Corey's Shocking Vocals were still racing but .2 was more of an Alternative Metal album. Next .3 The Subliminal Verses Slipknot got new drums and new guitars and Corey still had some of .1 in him just "Snarred", and Duality was the true Blockbuster in .3 . Additionally .4 All Hope is Gone, in .4 Slipknot seemed to have a bunch of songs that didn't seem very popular like Gehenna and Butchers Hook. And FINALLY .5 The Gray Chapter ! In my opinion Slipknot went from Sarcastrophe to The Burden and Had a fast pace to all the songs which was truly what we were looking for! Here's to future albums 🍻


Ok, so this is the first album without Joey and Paul. I gotta say, this is much more than I could anticipate. The drummer, Jay, is a great fit for Slipknot and I do hope to see him on future albums. The bassist is great, especially as he's being compared to Paul Grey (RIP). Cannot wait for the new album. Joey was my favorite member, but Jay is definitely my new favorite along with Corey. .6 will be an amazing album.

tuna beanie 9846

My favorite song, The Devil in I, is not explicit, so you can play it at children's parties, weddings, school dances, and more!


Dude, they R the best!

Flesh Rainer



I love this album!


I swear to God i've witnessed hell.....What did i just watch? How the heck did l even come across this?

Maximillian S.

I love every single Slipknot album but this might be my favorite


This is my favorite album to date love every song!!

Jd monster

Just cause I'm a maggot, plus the album is great.

burrito suprame

Really reminds me of their older stuff when compared to All Hope is Gone or The Subliminal Verses. Hearing it live was even better!

Go Colts!!!!!

I'll just say this... Buying this album is how I became a slipknot fan. This is just f-ing great

You know TW

5/5 Stars


My second favorite album in their whole discography


One of the best albums they have done.

Sammy Marvelous

Every album keeps getting better and better!!


Great album


Slipknot's albums in order of amazingness 1. .5: The Gray Chapter 2. Vol. 3: The Subliminal Versus 3. All Hope Is Gone 4. Iowa 5. Slipknot


Hey guys I love rock and Heavy Metal and SLIPKNOT IS THE BEST FREAKIN BAND IN THE WOLRD! My brother one time showed me the song "the devil in I" and once I first heard it I loved it!!!!keep up the good work slipknot!😄


The devil and I is terrific

karena mehr

this album is on point

Ky the Killa

I love this album. It's amazing. Slipknot has made me love punk music


All of my favorite songs from Slipknot I absolutely love it and I listen to it everyday


After owning all the albums and Itnever saying this before, im proud to say that this might just be their greatest album released to date! It has chilling creepy cool verses in the songs "devil in I", and "Killpop" is my favorite song from this album by far. But again Over all the entire album is worth buying!!!


This album is almost better then all hope is gone. The best songs are all of them.


This is the first album without paul, and I think they handled it really well


As a fan of heavy metal and Slipknot this album satisfies in so many ways. XIX, The Devil In I, AOV, Custer, and Skeptic are my favorites. This album shows great Corey screams and regular singing along with some kick but drums and guitar. The new bassist is also very good too. The only negatives is that some of the songs seem odd and out of place like if rain is what you want. Also still wishing Sid and Craig got a bigger role in at least a quarter of the songs. Every album their role seems to be diminishing. Slipknots self titled album showcases their skills greatly, especially Sids. That's all I have to say. If you like Metal this is definitely for you pick this up immeadietly

Willy too big hall

The best put together heavy metal album ever put together.


Really great

Anthony Alfano

I love slipknot more than my family it's perfect


Amazing!!! Glad to hear some more of this ground breaking band!! Maggots regroup!!!


This cd is great


This album is very solid. I can head bang to almost every song on here




Was expecting more. I understand it was a more 'personal' album for the group, but it just didn't feel like Slipknot. Too mellow. Too 'light'. I love Slipknot to the nines, but this album is just not what I wanted.


i love slipknot


I was 4 years old when I first heard Slipknot. I've come full circle in my musical preferences. This is the only "complete" style of music that's left out there. The passion in the music has an effect like no other. If you think an album from Slipknot sounds and feels good, you must go to a concert to truly get an experience--even better live. I hope there are a few more albums left for this truly legendary band.