Jeremy Renner & Eric Zayne - Sign

℗ 2019 Record Street Music, Inc.

Sign - Single Tracklist:

10 year old teenager

Cool Jermey Renner


This is Fantastic 😎😎😎

Pool i.e.

Oh my God would you please stop making these terrible noises... just stop.

Light of my Life!

Singer, Actor & Confident


Stick to acting . This song is god awful.


Go JR you got soul. Love this song. You have a great voice and if you are writing your songs, don’t stop.


Heard this song on the Jeep commercial and I really thought it was a fun & cool sound. I didn’t even know Renner could sing. Actor, Singer, and Good Looks! I’ll buy that Jeep if he comes with it!


Don’t get me wrong, love the deep backwoods beat but to my ears it sounds a lot like Amy Winehouse—back to black?

Sign Follower

I love the vibe with the bouncing piano and the horns are icing on the cake sounds. I’m so excited that Jeremy can sing!!! He has such a surprisingly soothing voice and I can’t help but feel happy and dance with the music. I hope there is more of this vibe. Can’t wait to learn the lyrics. So Cool!! Also, I’m all about following the signs. I hope this tune is played in all the next Avenger movies as an intro or when Jeremy has a fighting scene. That would be epic!


Was happily surprised at how well he sang. I have all of his songs so far. I enjoy his acting and singing abilities.


Great beat! Love this song!!


I’ve enjoyed all of Jeremy’s other covers and songs but this is by far my favorite. LOVE IT.