SHINee - 'The Story of Light' EP.3 - The 6th Album

℗ 2018 SM Entertainment

'The Story of Light' EP.3 - The 6th Album Tracklist:


Can you please release their other two Japanese albums, “five” and, “dxdxd” iTunes?


Have always loved Shinee, and always do. Whenever they put out something I’m amazed(?).


“Our Page” is the first song to bring tears to my eyes in several years.


The real k pop returns once again!

sitting chair040405

get it the album is beautiful


This album is just amazing!


Another amazing song from our shining SHINes💖 I absolutely love each and every song in this album. I’m happy to hear Jonghyun voice again! I hope he’s happy up there💙


Perfect 😭😭😭😭😭


This is such a feel good EP. SHINee really has outdone themselves. These songs mean so much to the boys and Shawols. To our shining SHINee, thank you for all of your hard work.


got me crying so hard although it was upbeat


If EP 1 shows SHINee as the public sees them and EP 2 shows SHINee as they see themselves, it seems EP 3 can be seen as the Shawol spirit and memories of SHINee. It’s a callback to their contemporary R&B roots, and a “네가 남겨둔 말 (Our Page)” is a fitting and beautiful tribute to Jonghyun. You did well, indeed.


Very talented shining SHINee

Jonah Varc


Stan Stray Kids UWU

Shinee has never failed to impress me, including this album. In comparison to the past Story of Light albums, this one is definitely more emotional, with the title track Our Page being a song for Jonghyun, Shinee, and Shawols, and the song Lock You Down including Jonghyun’s vocals. 5HINee forever 😭❤️

AFP 22

5 years has gone bye since I've got into Kpop. I have to sincerely thank SHINee for opening a new world of music for me. My first group I ever fell in love with. When I was down SHINee lifted me up with their amazing music, unique personalities and amazing performances. They helped me through so much and I'm glad to be apart of such a wonderful fandom. "Our page" had me in tears...already my favorite song of the year. SHINee truly moves anyone's heart. Every song was brilliant on this album. SHINee truly delivers quality music, upbeat or a ballad. SHINee will always be 5! SHINee will always be in my heart! Thank you so much SHINee for these wonderful five years. 5HINee!!💖🌹


I knew it would be a good album, but I am pleasantly surprised by just how much I enjoy it 💕

Jon ran SHINee

This album was so amazing I love it so much I’m so proud SHINee always gave us a good music ♥️


Of course its amazing. I hope your watching Jjong


No matter what they do, SHINee always comes with amazing songs. I love this album already and can’t wait for their future work

Tulah Z123

Im in love💙💎💙


Just spilling fact!


Our Page is a beautiful tribute to Jonghyun. What really surprised me and was very happy to hear... Jonghyuns vocals on Lock You Down. I highly suggest this album. One of the best albums yet. We miss you Jonghyun and 5hinee forever!


I love SHINee so much. This era will be the most sad but most influential. I will never forget them or Jonghyun 💚


This is beautiful


A masterpiece


Amazing album, the title song "Our Page" means so much for them and for the fans. The lyrics are beautiful and the melody comforting and soothing, one of my fave songs of the album. The special track "Lock you Down" was a surprise since I expected a ballad but the rhythm was great and the voices and harmonies too.




I love you!! Beautiful albums, beautiful songs


Best album 💖💖💖


As expected from the kings of kpop, another great album! Very emotional too. Love you jjong.