Shawn Mendes - Shawn Mendes (Deluxe)

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Shawn Mendes (Deluxe) Tracklist:



Shawn mendes is so amazing!! He is so classy and he is such a gentleman, his songs make me happy, and they get me through tough and good times! Thank you Shawn for this amazing music, and for just being the greatest!!! His songs make you feel good, and they also make my heart skip 34 beats!😉😍 Shawn don’t listen to any of them haters out there!

Captine Rex

Love all of his songs! In my blood is my favorite on this album!

not dixon

He is one of my favorites and I love bc I had you🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺



Princess Meem 💖👑

But this isn’t good. I don’t see the point of releasing a new album with Señorita. 🙂


I love Shawn! He’s hot and yet classy and old fashioned. You don’t see that enough today in men. 🥰😍😘


This man- phew amazing with every breath he takes and this album is an example of it 😂

Swiftie Swiftie Swiftie

I don’t like his voice

The Real Rick #1

All the 1 star commenters seem to have the same nonsensical point of view. I believe it to be the same disgruntled person trying to hurt the artists. The dishonesty of it proves that their opinion should be ignored. Buy this song - it’s a good one...


Every song is so so good!

Ean's warriors

This is my favorite song but if you play roblox im nateeaba1 so add me and this is so my favorite song that i will hear it my whole life and never stop playing this song im 9 years old me and my brother nathan 8 years so nathan’s account is nateeaba1 and i play whith him

shawn mendes is gay

I would give this song a negative 50 but that’s not an option. It sounds like a English BTS song. It’s like if Miranda Sings and teenage Justin Bieber made a mixtape. Play this at my funeral.

Word Girl21

This album is amazing!! It is my favorite music ever. It was so much fun making this album with you Shawn. I support your career all the way. Thank you so much for asking me to help with you’re music. Hope you’re having fun on tour!! Your Cousin, - Rylee Mendes

journey of faith and life

I love his songs and he is cute so it is truly a whole package


This won’t be denied it’s he best song every


This album is sooo good worth the extra 2 dollars to get the deluxe version.


2 overrated White privilege people make a boring “song” make it stop


I love this song so much and Shawn Mendes is so hot! 😁👍🏻🥰💜


That’s all I’ve got. Not a lot to say when the dude is just a pure genius! Brilliant album!

Seth Shoemake

Best song ever, my friend always plays Señorita when I see him. It’s kind of awkward but now I can’t stop playing it!

Allie or Almira

Omg I can not stop listening to this song. It is summer break in North Carolina and when I am playing Sims4 this is the song I play instead of original song from the sims4. I listen to this every hour. Before bed I am on my IPad listening to this song. Great Great great great great great great great great Job Shawn Mendas and Camilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!