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Shattered - EP Tracklist:

Kelly C. Heflin

Great album!!!


Great job


Haters... listen up, all off you! Matisyahu never was a plain straight down Bob Marley like you all seem to think. Okay, so he he'd a few songs here and there that were reggae, but he was always pop, hip hop and rock. Listen to Youth-Rock with a reggae beat! This is what I was always expecting from matisyahu and you guys go and dis! Great job Matis!!!


I only know the song smash lies. It is a good song but yes, it is very different than most of matisyahu. But it is a good song

Beautiful Yid

Lashon Hara is Hebrew for "Evil Speech" (or as close to the real translation as I deemed appropriate for here). I read a lot of venomous words here, along with people who love him/his music no matter what he does. Here is an incredibly giving, energetic man, who is utterly Observant, adores his wife and children and gives a great deal to charity. He is a man and he is an artist. Many, many artists experiment with other sounds, so why not this incredibly humble, observant, kind and poetic man? Look at the stretch the Beatles (not that I'm comparing him to them, but just to make a point): It's a far cry from "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", to "Strawberry Fields"! People that are self-aware and certainly in the spotlight, grow and change. May we all do this each day, to become better. You can like this particular offering or not, but to berate a person like Matis... is actually harmful to his being, and worse, to yours. Give it a thumbs up or down, but do not attack the man. And why such foul language from those of you who are dissapointed? Find some new adjectives, please. While in Yerushalayim, my daughter babysat for Matis and his wife with her friend (their regular babysitter when Matis takes his wife on dates, and such). His children were loving, kind, fun and well-behaved. After, they took their kids and the 2 young women (my daughter and her friend) to the park and he not only paid both of them very generously, he insisted on buying food, ice cream, etc.. He and his wife hung out with these 2 young women (ages around 20), and talked with them, about THEM, and were encouraging about THEIR futures. His humility was contagious. My daughter was/is a HUGE FAN, but felt so humbled by their vibes of good cheer, generosity and humility, she never told him she LOVES his music. I felt he would have likely given her a signed CD or 2 if she had mentioned it. She said that they (he and his darling family) acted so sweet + normal, she couldn't bring herself to possibly embarrass him by gushing about his music. He obviously didn't assume my daughter had ever heard of him- in 2008! And we are from TX! He's a human; therefore not perfect, of course! But, this I feel consistently from him... he works on himself every day - it shows in his actions and words. He is devoted to HaShem/Torah and his family, and to leaving the world a better place. This is what his music is always about, even when it sounds a litle different. Reggae? He's a Jew who grew up in New York! He does Reggae & Beat Box because he digs it. Maybe it's not the only kind of music that moves him, now that he is older. Hear the message and don't beat up the messenger, please? Don't buy this album if you don't like it. And, sure, let him & the world know what effect his art has on you, but please, check your mirror, your sense of humor and stop slandering the man. So here is my question- the one I ask myself every day: What are you doing to make yourself; therefore the world- better? I'm 57 and his music inspires me and reminds me why we are here. As a fellow Yid newly trying to be Observant, I appreciate the inspiration, and I do not adore every single song, but I do admire the artist.


Time will continue without you, so in the end its not about you. But what did you do? Who do you love besides you? Besides you? Its all one tiny moment in time. <3

i love surfing california

This album is different yes, but in no way do I think he's selling out or anything like that. Just because the music has more electronic stuff in it doesn't mean it's worse. Music is evolving and he is evolving with it. He grows as a person and his music follows. I really like this different perspective Matisyahu but if you really want some more old type stuff check out his new album Light. There are some good songs on it.


why does everyone have to hate on matis , hes talented so what if his stuff is becoming more mainstream appealing , he is still unique hes a jewish rapper/reggae artist how much more unique do you want. it still has the same flavor but its slightly more trendy its perfect i love it. Shalom matis so breathe in and out and Enjoy this man's talent


this collection of songs is far from a sellout. this is some adventurous stuff. It would be easy for matis to keep plugging out old school reggae. the spirit is still here, if not stronger in these songs. IMO his best song from his other records is not really a reggae song (time of your song). this EP show a young brilliant artist stretching himself, and for that there will be criticism. People were angered when Dylan plugged in. Am I saying Matisyahu is comparable to Dylan? No. Matis is better.


How selfish of us all to ask that Matisyahu not experiment with other genre of music. I love the reggae also, but it is his talent. It is for him to decide what to do with it. I like the 4 songs on this CD, but I love Matisyahu's spirit more, and that's why I buy his music.


VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY good!!! Not much more I can say. I am now hooked on Matisyahu!!


Shake off the Dust...Arise is Matisyahu's best album. The original King Without a Crown is miles better than his updated, speeded up version. If you want classic Matisyahu then I guess you have to look elsewhere. Come on iTunes! This EP is okay.


As many other people have posted, Smash Lies was quite disappointing, but the other 3 songs on the CD are new sounds with fierce lyrics that make you feel the energy that Matis brings to his music. The rest of the CD comes out May 13 (hopefully) and I have every reason to believe that it will not fail to impress.


What the hell happened??!?!

nate kupish

you're arts way legit- keep pushin' to grow the church as you do best- a relevant sincere way- be blessed

I wont ever hate on this guy, or his message; i share a religious connection to Matis that I am quite proud of...To see a Jew wit a positive message makin a name for himself next to Jadakiss and all these other pointless rappers is truly quite something...But I first got into Matis for his unique musical qualities, for instance like the fact that he wasnt like anybody else in the entire music scene writing music on his own label and a lot of the proceeds went to charity...After listening to this ep I would have thought this could have been anybody, with no distinctive sound....for anyone who still thinks that Matis is not mainstream I want you all to look at the label he has released this ep for...Sony BMG is one of the largest record labels in the entire world and in every way shape or form constitutes a major mainstream release...This man has worked very hard to rise up from the ashes with nothing but his message of love and peace, but it seems like he may have forgotten where he came from...I miss the REAL Matis, the only reggae musician that im proud to say is a Jew...


Live at Stubb's was incredible, can't say the same for any of the other albums rushed into production and cheased up. Matis lost inspiration and is pushing crap. Well, thanks for your live album.


i am utterly dissapointed. Smash Lies is exactly the type of song that i'd expect to hear in a club. i can't believe what he has become. Sure his message may still be there, but he has obviously tried to cater to the mainstream scene. It would appear to me that he is looking for more money. I am disgusted


"I Will Be Light" is one that you replay and replay!


Disappointing because there are only four songs on this album! I want more! Love this album... great to drive to, great to work to... inspiring.

Save Me From Myself

His message is still powerful, his lyrics still challenging, and his musics not much different. He's trying to appeal to the growing "club" generation, but no matter what Matisyahu does he is still passionate for his powerful and life changing beliefs.


Matisyahu is amazing. I'm kind of disappointed with Smash lies. I am not a fan of the vocoder in it. It sounds too synthetic. I'm used to Matisyahu's real, true, smooth sound. It's natural, and this song disappoints me for this reason. I'm still glad that the subject matter still strays away from mainstream.


when he wants. Smash lies, while not exactly the same as his other work, is still a great song. This is definitely what i like to hear. Dont be ignorant.


Great tunes. Matis never ceases to amaze me. Great CD overall, new tunes are rad as are the vocals. It's pretty much post-modern reggae. Great stuff, I HIGHLY recommend the cd.


This is nothing like his other great stuff. It seems more artificial (Like a music computer program, than it does a real band


wat is this dude doing. His early stuff was good but, this doesn't make sense


I mean yea its Matisyahu, but its not nearly as good or original as his earlier stuff. Now it just sounds too much like rap.

I can clean up the earth with my own 2 hands

I love When people fight over their thoughts and feeling on music and artist. It like getting into a fight over which painter is better or which writer is best. Why cant we all just take it for what it is, I mean maybe he is changing his sound up a little bit. I think that its ironic that as a artist matis talking about finding peace and being brotherly to each other yet here people go fight with one another over a few songs. Maybe we need to just sometimes step back from a situation and see things from another light. Like what im hearing from Matis cant wait for the full album


smash lies is straight brutal. I've listened to matis since youth and it was awesome and so is this.


Matis needs to head back to roots, rock, reggae in a big way!

[email protected]

absolutly insane! yeah a little mainstream but i gotta give it to him. putting it out for the jews!


I loved Matisyahu's older albums, but this is bad. Matisyahu's reggae is what makes him so great. This sounds like Lil Wayne.


These four songs are epic. I have been a Matisyahu fan for some time, and although "Smash Lies" first caught me off guard, I can't stop listening to it now. When I first heard it, I thought, "What is this? This isn't Matisyahu's style at all". Then, I realized it was exactly his style. Matisyahu is a cutting edge musician, and this fusion of Middle Eastern sounds with reggae and yes, a club beat, really makes a poweful statement, combined with the lyrics. Anyone who really cannot stand this song needs to see him perform it live- I saw him last night at the Festival of Lights- this song was incredible live. The other three songs are more typical Matisyahu, although once again, he continues to introduce new sounds into his music. All of the songs carry powerful messages, and all have a great sound to them, even more experimental and adventurous than his past work, with electronic, reggae and traditional Israeli sounds being juxtaposed against one another in an entirely original way. Matisyahu is not typical "reggae" (although it is a large influence on his music) and that is a good thing- he transcends categorization. Those who criticize Matis for being "mainstream" or "selling out" are not listening to his music carefully. The worst thing Matis could do is make 10 records that sound exactly the same. Thankfully, it seems he is only becoming more and more unique as time goes by, although he is also gaining popularity- there is nothing wrong with that, his music conveys an incredible message of peace, life, and unity, even to non-religious people such as myself. Buy this EP, and always keep an open mind when listening. That's what Matisyahu would want you to do.

DJ Mix

I love this EP. Great lyrics as always, his talent is growing by leaps and bounds. The music is something new for him, but contains many similiar characteristics while blending a new style for him. "Smash Lies" could stand up to any club track and yet is distinctly still Matisyahu, and "I will be light" is amazing. I would recommend this to anyone, as long as you have an open mind and don't care that the artist is growing, being innovative, and is incredibly creative. I love the change and I hope his next album continues in this vein! Matisyahu rocks!

J Money56

People will hate and feel like they know what they are talking about. The issue of mainstream or not..who cares this is great music and i have the up most respect for Matisyahu. Most creatvie guy in the music industry

old matis fan

this album blows. . . .not original matis at all. . . wow

Nate Croft

This EP is definitely worth the wait, and I'll very excited about a new full length album from Matisyahu. The production value is way higher on this EP than any previous release and I am glad to see the someone is stepping up the effort to give Matisyahu kind of quality his tracks deserve. Some people seem to be against it, but you can't grow if you stay the same. Keep bringing it!

H Bomb 883

Alright so this is a bit different from Arise, but what band or artist hasn't changed up their style a bit as they go along, we're all still listening to the same Matis with that same positive message and great reggae vibes. Change never hurt anyone, and I personally believe that if you're a fan of Matisyahu, you should at least give it a try. Peace


I just saw Matis in concert last night and ran out to buy this EP, he retains his ability to bring a contemporary and enticing beat to a powerful message. "I will be light" is magical. I don't he's sold out in the least, if anything this EP shows more of his hip/hop character that reinforces his reggae undertones. Listen to what he is saying: his message is stronger, he has not compromised that at all. if you're a fan of WHY he sings as well as WHAT he sings, then you will love it.


Happens to the best. He joined the monopolized industry of mainstream music. Good luck to you matis.


Matisyahu's "Smash Lies" is amazing, but some fanboys seem to ONLY like Matis' old sound. Bands change and a real fan will support new sounds. And it's not like the whole album is going to be hip hop. I read a review saying "Its the most hip hop of all the songs." So don't listen to them, Matis is still great. Any way, best to worst in my book: (1) Smash Lies (2) So High So Low (3) I will be Light (4) Two Child One Drop


I am a long time matisyahu listener and Smash Lies is amazing it is a little off the nrom but at the same time right on track with where he stands in the music world. But the over all shattered as an album is not much just four songs so there is not much to wright about but if i where to rate it i would give it a five for a change of pace


I loved Matisyahu's other albums, but not much to love here. Matisyahu used to be an ubeat reggae band, now its just a downbeat, mainstream, reggae band. I guess there will always be the next album, but my patience is runny low. And, oh yah, just 4 songs? What the [email protected]$k has the band been doing all this time? - Disappointed fan :(


Yes Smashed Lies sounds like a club track, but if you notice it sounds like the work he did with P.O.D it's not to far off from what hes done in the passed, the rest of the EP sounds exactly like the rest of his stuff.


at first listen, smash lies did disappoint. but i saw him in anaheim last week and listened over and over - it grows big time on you. Smash Lies, indeed!

Codak AkA Provision

Matisyahu has totally suprised me once again. He continues to show that he cannot be put in a box. Smashing Lies shows how creative he can be from live band to studio tracks. If you don't like it maybe you need to open your eyes a bit wider. I must admit that it is different but I'm a big Matisyahu fan. Keep that heat coming! I can't wait to hear the whole album.


I am still a big fan... But I can't help feeling that he may be selling out, I am still getting the album, but really, once he left JDub, where he started out, his songs seem to have become a bit more mainstream.


I'm Jewish Religeous and I know that the image Matisyahu protrays is cool, different, and weird to the rest of the world. To me, I've been amongst Chasidism for years, although I'm not. The music is good; but in Hollywood, it's gotta be great. He's almost there, but has a bit to go.


I recently saw his new ep in concert and was absolutely blown away by the music. Mainstream or not I don’t personally care about that, if it sounds amazing and I can feel the music as much as hear it then it is good no matter what, before you dismiss this one as "mainstream" just listen to it. Matisyahu isn’t trying to mimic anyone else and I have to give him props for being original. I love it.


Haters, see him live before you judge. And all you punks that talk about reggae, this isn't even promoted as a reggae album!!! If you don't come away from a Matisyahu concert feeling more happy and a bit enlightened, than I guess you shouldn't even bother. I've folowed him from the beginning, i respect this artist and do not agree with him being a sellout at all. Sony has no say in his style, when matis writes a song, his band and he discusses what sounds will go good with the lyrics. Matis is not a cocky man, nor very money hungry. You can tell he is in it for passion. The fact that he has "listening" parties with his fans after every show on his recent tour proves that this artist does not put himself on a pedestal. Judaism does not promote that, especially at the level that Matis follows. His sound evolves, his new shows also have no predetermined set list, which means that they come up with new "bridges" every concert, between most songs. The talent that these guys have boggles my mind. Just because someone doesn't enjoy one song doesn't mean you should abandon a positive artist. Matis is not only a great musician, but a role model. Check out a show, then get back to us. MOST SHOWS ARE AROUND $30. Doesn't sound like a sell out to me. Peace...

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