Sean Kingston - Sean Kingston (Deluxe)


Sean Kingston (Deluxe) Tracklist:


Best time of my life


This was my jam when I was little. A little painful now, but still good.


This is awesome it has no foul language it's soo good whoever says it's bad YOUR WRONG kids love him I loved this when i was little it's awesome



Isaiah montano

Where is the best song shawty like a melody


I know it's 2015 but I'm still obsessed. Y'all need to stop hating who cares if he's fat all that matters is the music (which is pure gold🙌🏽) I remembering jamming to these songs with my older cousin in the car when I was 7😂 I wish Sean would've made it in the music business today and more people knew about him.

Super amazing dancer

what happened to Sean Kingston he is pretty rad$$ remember when he was on suite life on deck and sang dumb love YA U DO!!!

Tiger Boss 😃

I love it my fav song is Beautiful Girls!!!! I love you Sean!


Pretty poor attempt to copy off of Led Zeppelin's "D'yer Mak'er" in "Me Love".


Pretty poor attempt to copy off of Led Zeppelin's "D'yer Mak'er" in "Me Love".

I did this to get more effect

Listen these are fake reviews there thousand of them don't buy this album 1st see if u can get it for cheaper or for free this is terrible don't but it doesn't even have shawty like a melody

Beyonce the creator

Is it just me, or does "Me Love" sound EXACTLY like Led Zeppellin's "Dyer Maker?" Awful album. Awful sound. 👎👎👎


This is a great album. This is Sean's best album. Tomorrow and back 2 life don't even have half of what this one has! This album has songs to dance to, love songs, sad songs, songs that tell stories, and even a few street songs. This is a great album for a party. This is great for people who like different kinds of songs. There's something here for everyone!

danm 1

yah yeah this is the best

Noah Ruszczyk

This is the best song in the world it brings back all my memories


All I can say is awesome


im goin into 10th and i can remember hangin out with my friends in 5th grade and this song was on the radio so much but hey i liked it #memories!


i luv ALL Sean Kingston music!!!!!!!!!!!! hes my favorite singer! i wish he can make more songs . hes an amazing singer!!! i luv u sean kingston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and.. is that song you girls gonna come out on itunes??


He can't sing and in Beautiful Girls, he sounds like a rat.



LOL!!! :)

Beautiful girls is really the only good one and the only song I have from him u probably shouldn't buy the album but just tht one song is great!:)


Need i say more?


Love all of his songs especially beautiful girls


This album is great especially with the song "beautiful girls"in it : )


Good album. Original artist. However the 30 second intro which says his birthday and his name and his journey was hard(nobody cares) should NOT be 99c.


I downloaded Intro thinking it was longer than 33 seconds so I'm pretty mad about it but other wise the album is good

Boohoo star

Sean your awesome with the songs that you do ;)




I think this is a great album. My favorite song is Beautiful Girls. I also like Take You There. Great Job, Sean Kingston!!!! :D


amazing!!!! Don't listen to a crap these people say cause they should try singing this and then see how hard it is themselves....

Mrs. John Oliver

i <3 sean kingston every last one of his songs!!!

B-Baller From Japan

Kingston ripped off Led Zeppelin on Me Love!!! Sounds identical to Zeppelin's D'yer Mak'er!


Sean KIngston is one of the best in da business

Goldfinger58/650(/[email protected]

Sean kingston has what i think is one of the most unique sound with the mix Of reggae,hip hop, and rap. Three of my most favorite types of music. Keep the good albums coming sean


9.5/10 on album keep it up mr. Kingston

Gia Gal

I love this album!! My favorites are me love, beautiful girls, and take you there. I love you Sean!! I saw u in concert and u were amazing. :)

Butter 1 toast

I love that song

LT drummin' boy

pretty good, but kinda expensive to buy the album, he has some pretty good songs but i think some of them shouldnt be on here, he has good music, all pretty well written but id recommend only buying alternate songs from the album, there are too many songs on here that dont seem to fit with the rest, but its still a great album with some great hits!


I love only one song on his album which us beautiful girls. Keep it up Sean !!


I've only listened to Dry Your Eyes so I decided to write a review for that song instead of the album. It's a sad song yet you love it because it's got a catchy tune and it's hearfelt. Love the song not the album. Anyways Sean Kingston is like a big huggable teddy bear rapper.


Awesome album kingston rocks

Nevs review

Thus is kind of nice, the lyrics,a little repiticouse but other than that i think it was pretty sweet, keep it coming Sean, we lovin it so far


Good songs, way old!!


Sean kingstons gud!


kingston is great if u dont like him then ur stupid he is a great singer ans rapper i give it 5 stars


I hate this song so much I cant even sleep !!!

Dash DeWinne


JT is so cool

I like the songs in this one better than the new ones like take you there is awesome and beautiful girls but I'm not in to the other album.

Casey's touch

Muff said

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