The Raconteurs - Salute Your Solution

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Salute Your Solution - Single Tracklist:

Trust and Us



From Grunge to Bluegrass, the Raconteurs rock hard. There is not a week point in the band, and they can take any song and make a better version (Rich Kid's Blues). Jack White is a genius in all forms, and he is the soul point of the band.

The Hook-Handed Man

Jack White is the Savior of Rock! The 'teurs deliver again! Click yes!


I'm lovin' sound

U.S.A pirate

lol this [email protected] sould b33 in a ROFL COPTER a crash. th3r3 mu$ic $ound$ like metal scratching aginst a blackbord. wh3n i first herd this album i waz like lololololololololololololololololollololololololol on how bad it waz. i r giving it 5 staarz becauz it r the funniest CD i'v herd in a while. :)


i love the raconteurs, they are truely the best band ever


This song is amazing! and jack white is awesome, click yes if you agree!


Now Jack White lives in nashville, with much more southern rock influences. I always cringe when i hear "country" mentioned in the same sentence as music (bluegrass is a little differnt), but the new album definatly has a more southern rock feel on some tracks. Keep an open mind, and if you like top yourself, give the new bluegrass track a listen.

Big Bentley

Top Yourself(Bluegrass Version) is absolutley fantastic! the sound is great, these can't stop making good music, and props to lil jack on that banjo baby!