Sabrina Claudio - About Time

℗ 2017 SC Entertainment, LLC

About Time Tracklist:

Ava Barry

I love love love it! Smooth, sexy, this music makes me happy. Congratulations Sabrina you’re an amazing singer!


I highly recommend that you read about her prior to purchasing her music. Thankfully I did based on reading the reviews and found that she is racist. Would never support or buy anything with her in it. I hate Apple is even selling her music.


I was in love with her until I realized she hates black women smh


Enough of folks imitating and emulating Black culture and music and at the same time denigrating our women and culture. I would give this artist “zero” stars if I could. Music is just okay.


this album will never stop being good. it’s an album that will be listened to for generations to come. Sabrina is a legend in the making


I love Sabrina soooo much


I love her music, she’s a classic artist in the making whoa unapologetically herself. I back you girl!!! Love you!!!!


I absolutely loooooooove her voice and her music. It’s truly breathtaking and unbelievable. She’s gorgeous and has wonderful music. But the thing I really cannot stand about her, is her views on black people. I know she sounds amazing but you must be a really sick person to be able to think like that, much less post it on social media. I hope she reads this and knows that she has better potential as a person. I love listening to her music but I would probably never buy it based on her racist comments.


Well I was about to download but after reading the reviews on her informing people about her racist twitter remarks after looking it up myself I’ve changed my mind. You have to be one nasty fool to not only have those thoughts by then to be moved to post them out onto the World Wide Web.


Really loved this album but she lost me as a fan with the racist comments. Will never buy any of her music again. Hope she truly learns from her mistakes.


Life changing, she doesn’t disappoint ever. God bless her voice & talent. Pure genius.

worst music

Way tooooo slow for someone who has a powerful voice like hers but it's a ok song

Music listener ;)

This album is a grower, everything sounds the same at first but once you sink in the atmosphere, you start hearing the textures and layers of each song. Everything about this album is great, and it could’ve been a perfect project if it had more variety within the vocals and instruments, and more lyrics. Mostly every song is good, but some of them are quite forgettable until you play it more than two-three times. Wait and Used To are random tracks that are obviously put to flare up the album, but since they’re placed at the very end, it’s a little too late for a “shift” which make it the worst songs on the album. They don’t match sonically, which also make them quite bad. Wait’s instrumental is also very off in some parts like the verses, her voice isn’t blending with the background which make it a silly track. The best tracks however are Natural, Frozen, and Stand Still.


The whole album is a soft yet so beautiful. Buy buy buy!


Very disappointed in Sabrina. I really liked her music but the things that she’s said about black and Afro Latina women is just unacceptable and unbelievable. Smh. If I could return her album I would.


The great thing about this album, is knowing the range Sabrina has and listening to her deliver hit after hit without to brag about it. She gives 90’s R&B while still keeping in touch with her Caribbean roots. Her voice is soft yet powerful, seductive but classy. The only problem I have with this album is that it’s only digital. A vinyl copy of this would be everything!


Completely in love with her music!


I love everything she’s done. This album melts my heart. I’m blown away she’s been slept on so long. Get it Ma, you deserve all the acolytes 👏🔥🥂


I had to DL the entire album!


Her voice is perfection


Another album full of hits!! 👌🙌


I absolutely love this album such an inspiration!

Gyna Re

I absolutely love this album!! It's hard to find good music these days that I can relate to. I'm 80s baby that's stuck on 90s music. Sabrina reminds me Sade' and Janet Jackson. Thanks Sabrina!! You're amazing 💞💋this is also a good baby making album!! Love my husband of 8 years and these songs make me wanna kiss his face every minute!!!


Simply amazing.....


This woman is the truth! Spotify recommended “ Frozen” and I lost it when I heard it! Sabrina’s voice and arrangements are so lush and seductive. She has a great voice and her music will be like heaven to your ears. “Frozen”, “Unravel me”, “ Stand Still”, “ Wait”, and “I belong to you( remix) are my favorite tracks! I love it whenever new artists come out and make timeless music. Sabrina Claudio is the real R&B deal!


Everything about her and her music is just so raw and soulful. I’ve loved almost every song off this album, which is rare for me since I’m so selective when it comes to music. She is truly talented and the lyrics actually have meaning which is rare in this day and age.


I litterally have to "Stand Still" every time I hear this album. It is incredible and will leave you in awe! Thank you for this masterful work!!!!


Bright future ahead

Author Grecia

Her voice is relaxing. I find myself just drafting away while listening. Such an amazing album.


A timeless album with every song that perfects the essence of life


Soothing Beautiful voice. The sound of a pure artist whom sounds like a classic! You’ll be getting Eargasms listening to this album!


Great Project Sabrina!


Her voice is amazing but her talent vocally was very very underserved in this album the best tracks were already out as singles 🙁. I'm dying for new songs from her!!



Doc 4 !!!

Rich,Sultry,Sweet & with a taste of Latin flavor?! I thought I was gonna download maybe two or three songs but…boy was I kidding myself!🤤 It’s worth the whole album.😍 Cheers Love!!🌹


Yes baby girl! NEVER stop marking this kind of music. I felt this in the deepest parts of my soul I really can’t describe it.


We're out here listening to disposable pop from Disney girls when Sabrina is out here trying to be in the ranks with Mariah, Whitney, Christina, Cher & Gaga. Sabrina's top notch vocals and production and entire album sounds like a dream. If we lived in a smarter world, she would be #1 on the Billboard charts and raking up The Grammys. Sabrina is the best thing I've heard in a long time. The real deal. ICONIC.


Never heard of her name before... It's just my random pick...And I was feel very emotional after listen to this amazing album Highly recommended!!!

bella 🍒

she’s amazing ❤️




Unreal. It's been a while since an artist absolutely captivated me at first listen. Like a mixture of Late Night Alumni, H.E.R., and Tinashe. It's simply delicious. So excited to see this woman continue to shine.


Been listening to her for a few months, since the time that she randomly played while I was high af, trippin balls 😂 Well anyways, ever since that day, I’ve loved her music, starting all the way back with Confidently Lost and her other early songs. This new album is great for those late-night vibes. Belong to You and Unravel Me are my favorites, but I really enjoy the whole album. Her voice just gives you a beautiful vibe that puts you deep in ya feels. Love it.

luap_q 3

“Don’t compare to anyone, we have our own time, our own talent and our own way to appreciate ourselves”

Nick M '87

She floats over the music like silk and cashmere, pure gold :)


Where do I start? Unravel Me, Belong 2 U, Stand Still, We Have Time. Easily a classic and timeless record!!!!


Literally one of the best albums of this year. Her voice is AMAZING and the you in stand still 😍😍😍😍 and the beat in wait and we have time omg 😍😍😍

[email protected]

This young lady understands true R&B. Thank you so much.


Where have you been!? Her voice is like this unbelievable chocolate-silky-warm thang! AMAZING! Thanks for the music!


It doesn't get any better than this!