Robert Glasper - Black Radio

℗ 2012 Blue Note Records

Black Radio Tracklist:


Nuf said

Marcus west

The atmosphere this album creates is out of this world it's so beautiful and collective.


This album is amazing from start to finish!!!!! I've been in search of some GOOD, REAL music, and I have finally found it


Found Robert Glasper accidentally as the music was linked to another one of my favorite band’s ,The Foreign Exchange. The first track on this album Black Radio literally just stopped me in my tracks… ABSOLUTELY MOVING. The Vince Guaraldi track in the background just hypnotized me. I was just BLOWN AWAY. Some of the best music my ears have ever heard. As a lover of neo soul music, I wonder how on Earth I have missed out on this genius of music all of this time??? One reviewer was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. This is the modern day KIND OF BLUE album…Instant classic.


We seen him live just April 23rd (15') in St. Louis. By far, theeeeee most talented brother on the keys. His entire band-Gifted. & He's hilarious 😂. Best concert we've been to, hands down, 🎩's off!!! #Fan4Ever

Theo Dora Harlem

The reason I give his album 5 stars!!! It's just is of what it is! The originality of this music. I heard of Robert Glasper Trio & Black Radio Vol. 1& 2 by accident. I was listening to Pandora radio and the song "I'll be ok" featuring Ledisi came on and at the same time I was going thru some emotional battles with myself. That's when I purchased this album last year and finally to purchase BR Vol. 2. I plan to purchase all of them in due time. Thank you, Robert Glasper Trio. Thank you!


The production on Black Radio is incredible! It stays on rotation!


Robert Glasper’s approach to music on this project is what ALL projects should strive to attain…LOVE IT!!


Great album. Imaginative, eclectic, very fresh, sexy and deliciously complex. Glasper is definitely at the tip top of the R&B/Jazz Fusion scene. Hard not to love this oeuvre of awesome. There are some great cuts on BR2 as well, but this first one is as consistent as it is artistically beautiful.


I remember hearing both “Afro Blue” and “Cherish the Day” on the evening station in my hometown frequently. When I bought the album, I was not disappointed. I can’t say enough about this album. Everything from “Letters to Hermoine” to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” ( rendition of Nirvana’s original song) to “The Consequences of Jealousy”….it is that good.


I'm deadly serious in making the following statement....I don't make this statement lightly....Robert Glasper's Black Radio is the 'Kind of Blue' of the 21st century. This has to be one of my favorite albums of all time. I can't express enough how much I love this album. I can go on and on and on about the things I love about it; the hip-hop and R&B heavyweights, the jazz undertones, I mean, EVERYTHING!! I bought this album from iTunes two years ago and I still listen to it....Every. Single. Day. Robert Glasper is a genius....his sound is what I've been looking for, as a musician, all my life. When I heard the sweet sounds of "Move Love", my soul breathed a sigh of relief and I said, "This....this is what real music sounds like!!!!" That song, hell, the whole album is so dope and so freakin' beautiful that at some points, it brought tears to my eyes. If the music industry crashes and burns, this album will be among the legendary albums that will stand the test of time. Black Radio is perfection and it definitely lives up to its name.

Yvng Phvrvoh

You know its great when the section of itunes' Most critical reviews are giving it 5 stars


Finally Real rhythm and blues no more iTunes and pop music this is real music for your soul


Finally real music has come back...


It just so amazing how this wonderful man makes this beautiful music, It speaks to you an make you think it cleanse your soul, opens your mind, an fills your heart. I really enjoy this album an that's why I think everyone should get this one an the Black Radio 2 By: Robert Glasper


Had the pleasure of catching an unexpected live performance in Detroit! I was totally caught off guard by this amazing band! I was caught in a trans during their time on stage. So out of the box!

Young RN

So creative. So innovative. This is a great listen from start to finish. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't listen to this album. Love it!

Music Album of Robert Glasper:

Move Love (feat. KING) - Single
Move Love feat. KING - Single (2012)