Rend Collective - CHOOSE TO WORSHIP

℗ 2020 Rend Family Records, under exclusive license to Capitol CMG, Inc.


J. Di Valentino

I’m so thankful for Rend Collective’s music. It helps me in my race to live a life for Jesus. I pray the Lord continues to bless this band as they lift the name of the Most High and help us all to do the same... That is about the highest compliment I could give to a musical group.


Rend Collective does it again! Love every song, especially “Still” and “Unconditional” Thank you for continuing to release quality well written songs!


What a tremendous set of songs that were orchestrated by these folks and the Lord Himself! Probably their best album yet.


So thankful for this album! It is such a great reminder! Through every storm our God is faithful!

Santa HatMan

Thank you for your reminder that God is still, calm, full of Grace and Love in ANY season!❤️❤️❤️


Yesterday I absconded with my husband's nice, noise cancelling headphones while he was on a confrence call for work so I could listen to this album while I washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen. I was so into it that I was sad when the dishes were done and the kitchen cleaned! Seriously though, these songs are s0 perfect for our current environment and situations that only God could've orchestrated it. We love Rend and can't wait to see them when they get back on the road!


Love this album and band! Their hearts to glorify God and draw His people closer to Him are so evident in all the songs. I anxiously await every new album and this does not disappoint! Thankful God is using you! 🙏❤️

tara 9549

Love this album!


Perfect album for all of us right now. Love the heart behind their music. They always find a way to speak right to my soul and point me to Jesus. This album is no exception.

L.T. 4939

LOVE the new album! Our family blasted it first thing this morning (before even starting the coffee!). It’s balm to our souls in this moment. Their albums all have the reassuring quality of feeling familiar, like these are words and melodies we already knew in some corner of my head (in the best way possible!), and it allows us to start singing along almost instantly. During this global pandemic, it’s far more valuable than toilet paper!! 😊


Great worship songs. Creative writing and arrangements