All Time Low - Put Up Or Shut Up (Deluxe Version)

Put Up Or Shut Up (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


Any ATL fans should always listen to what started it all!

Try Again2016

It's gonna be hard to top this or The Party Scene


Fall Out Boy did this in 2003.


i'm just love everything about this. i wish they could come back to this. i love DP and SWIW but honestly, these songs are deeper than anything else.

Shanta H.

I love this it's one of my top albums (? ep) overall but if all time low re-released The Party Scene they'd get a lot of money I like the original versions of the songs they took from there and put on here

Jayci Reese

All Time Low songs are amazing and whoever thinks different obviously doesn't have very good music taste.


One of my favorite band ever :)


People keep on saying that this is the last good album they released before selling out. They haven't sold out. Just because some of their newer work hasn't been exactly the same style as when they started, that doesn't mean they sold out. They may be trying out slightly different things as they gain more fans... But they are still the immature guys who make [email protected] jokes and great music. Although I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish they'd do more stuff like Remember Sunday and Dear Maria. Jack+Rian+Alex+Zack=PERFECTION (Aka All Time Low).

Nick D-Raff

Im only 14 and I'm obsessed with ATL. Ive been listening to them ever since i was 8 and won't stop listening to them. Im also a drummer and the punk side of this album is great for me to do drum covers to.




is the told cool song and its rock love the way it song and the gutiar adds some eage to the song


Alex's voice is freaking awesome in this album, now he sounds like a prepubescent middle school girl. I wish All Time Low would put out more albums like this one… their new stuff is way to poppy and emo


i didn't like anyone songs on this EP :/


Awesome but what about their 2 other albums in '04 and '05?!


This album is amazing! I love All Time Low. <3 The only problem is coffee shop soundtrack acoustic ver. I love the song but Alex's voice is auto tuned wayyyy to much. Other than that AMAZING!!!!!!!! <3 <3 :3


i wanna start a band..why? to be rich and never "work" again. sorry if u call that selling out. then u be broke on welfare living in the streets for 30+ years to be "real" ...get a grip kid, make that $ n get out ahead !!

Jacquelyn Hawse

This is what they sounded like before they sold out. If they went back to making music like this they may not have AS many fans, but at least they would be true to them. Bands that change their sound for more money, and fans = Stupid.


This is a big but i hate how the voice is auto tuned on the coffee shop soundtrack acoustic version it makes it impossible to listen to. All the othe songs are good, i really like jasey rae and running from lions


This is one of their best albums, with Jasey Rae and coffee shop soundtrack..<3 the acoustic version of Jasey Rae is BEAUTIFUL. Alex's soft voice with the acoustics is just so amazing...I love it. (if you like acoustic versions they have ones of six feet under the stars and of stay awake too ) . The only problem I had with this album was the "acoustic remix version" of coffee shop soundtrack. They auto-tunes Alex's beautiful voice to make it sound like cheek crap, and this made me really sad. I was expecting more from hopeless records with that one. Anyways, the rest is amazing, no flaws with the rest. BUY IT :DDDD


This was their best, most heartfelt album ever. All Time Low is still one of my favorite bands ever but they did sell out a little. They were already so good and real, and they're still good, but less real.

DAMDRAKE (satod)

I love you guys so much<3


i extremely recommend listening to all time low if you haven't already- this, in my opinion, is their best album because it definitely defines who they are as a band and is a lot more serious then dirty work or nothing personal (although those are amazing too, especially if you just want party music). but they are one of the few bands out there that are truly talented- even live. i went to their concert in october and honestly it was amazing. just saying. do it- it won't be a waste of your time. and guys, you can say atl is a boyband, which may be true, but that doesn't change the fact that they have a great sound.


I love All Time Low, they are my absolute FAVORITE band EVER, and I love their acoustic stuff, usually. Coffee Shop Soundtrack Acoustic Version was terrible. it sounded like they had used a .99¢ app to make it, they auto-tuned Alex's voice terribly, and I jus don't understand WHY? They are so good, why did they make this awful version of their AMAZING song??