PJ Morton - PAUL

℗ 2019 Morton Records / EMPIRE

PAUL Tracklist:

nadija kinalo

Great album


You betrayed your own ppl by performing at the super bowl. I was a supporter but I will never buy your music again.

Derrell Dukes

PJ Morton is dope. Love the album bro.


This album is simply enjoyable, great!


I am ashamed to say that this is the first time I have heard of this artist. i jus took a gamble to listen and I am so glad I did. You can put this album on and just let it play. It made me buy Gumbo as well. I am a fan. True R&B and he adds his flava to it. He has other work before Gumbo that folks missed. Check it out.


This project 🔥🔥🔥...


Amazing 2nd LP!


It’s good but I wonder if there will be an unplugged version. Gumbo was a masterpiece but every artist hits their soft spot. Gumbo was that for PJ. I think this album will evolve even more. It’s still the same feel just a different vibe. The soul is definitely there.

Mrs. JWest

PJ Morton has definitely created his own lane with his unique sound & style. He’s one of the best writers in the industry & is highly underrated. Paul does not disappoint!


I probably would have given it 5 stars if it was any singer, but I had high expectations after Gumbo. This is definitely a really good album, but I think that he doesn’t have the same soulful style that he had in his previous album.


I thought Gumbo was good and was a bit worried about this one. Could it be as good? It’s better.


I am glad he didn’t quit! Amazing music all the way around.

weatherspoon 5

Sounds good




One of the best hands down!!

Music Album of PJ Morton:

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Lover (feat. Lil Wayne) - Single
Lover feat. Lil Wayne - Single (2013)
How Deep Is Your Love (feat. Yebba) [Live] - Single
How Deep Is Your Love feat. Yebba [Live] - Single (2018)
Claustrophobic (feat. Pell) - Single
Claustrophobic feat. Pell - Single (2017)
Work It Out (feat. Juvenile) - Single
Work It Out feat. Juvenile - Single (2016)