Pentatonix - At Home - EP

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At Home - EP Tracklist:


These guys get better and better with each song. This EP is excellent!


As usual, PTX hits another one out of the ballpark with a timely and exciting new EP! Sounds are perfect as usual and the Title Song HOME really sets the stage for some amazing ear candy! PTX goes the extra mile to brighten our Covid lives!!!

I Am The Drew

That is fantastic! I love it so much. It’s no wonder you guys got 3 Grammys


Blinding lights is amazing! I don’t like any of the other songs though.


Not a fan anymore. They have really gone down hill.


This was such a great EP ! They just keep coming up with awesome new music that you can listen to over and over again. Hope there’s more videos that come out for this EP


Timely and inspired!


Knock em out the box ... Great work PTX!!


this ep slaps


This is amazing! It’s what everybody needs right now, and the medley is fire! It captures culture in our society right now, it’s worth your time and money!

Vinia Parulian

Amazing! The harmony is just perfect. Mitch’s lower register is to die for!


the arrangements are incredible, the vocals are stunning, the bass and beat are insane!!! and we get to hear mitch’s low register more, which i’ve wanted for so long! cologne and blinding lights are some of my new favorite covers from them. and the fact they did all of this while stuck at home??? an absolutely amazing EP, so proud of each of them 💛


As always their arrangements are masterful and they evoke so much emotion using only their voices. Not to mention they recorded it at home!!!


When you actually ARE the talent and dont need enhancement can submit your next Grammy album by Zoom!!! 💕

Scout said143 to ------😘

They never disappoint👍🏻❤️

charlie demailo



i am sopping

Caitlyn Pringle

Omg the bass guy sound sooo good! I think his name is scott I don’t know but he’s sooo good!


PTX!!! You always killing it with the albums OMG!!! Mitch’s low voice and register was amazing and shook me like crazy. All songs are so well done like “when the party’s over”, “Cologne”, and “Dreams”. Thank you PTX for another best selling album during quarantine!!


Love the harmonies PTX always brings. Bops and ballads.


i don’t understand how humans do this without any instruments whatsoever. it’s beyond unreal! congrats on an awesome EP!


mitch’s lower register makes me cry please listen is you also want to cry


Mitch's tone in "Blinding Lights" = perfection. I love the "heh"s and "TOUCH" The lush harmonies and stylistic choices in "when the party's over" - gorgeous delivery. They all slayed this one. "go gO GO" Kevin's syncopated tonal accents in "Break My Heart" and "Cologne" + Matt's lowest notes - dayum. Creative arrangements, beautiful execution. This group knows how to elevate songs to their fullest potential.

Elsie Doggy

Loveeee it!!

2019 smile

Just an amazing album. And at just the perfect time.


amazing incredible stunning. mitch kirstin and kevin carried this on their backs and they delivered pls buy and stream


always finding ways to ruin other peoples art


These 5 amazing and talented human beings always create amazing arrangements. Their vocal ranges are insane as well. 👑❤️💕


All the songs have the amazing arrangements you expect from Pentatonix. It’s great 👍🏼

Cool loin

so perfect!


I love them so much and not only were they able to record a whole EP at home, but it POPS OFF. Ptx came through like we knew they would ❤️


cologne is my favorite <3 great job guys!


it’s fantastic


The most talented group out there! So impressive they recorded this all at HOME!

Uriyah the Pentaholic

y’all did that. period ok. the harmonies??? the cologne arrangement is so sick!!!!!!!!!! kirstin u sounds so good :) ily


Pentatonix coming when we need them and their music the most!!

Music Album of Pentatonix:

Jolene (feat. Dolly Parton) - Single
Jolene feat. Dolly Parton - Single (2016)