Pearl Jam - Gigaton

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Gigaton Tracklist:


I like this album....its different but unique....Eddie is strong here


It’s so different. It’s hardly Pearl Jam anymore. It’s cool I guess, that they’re trying something new. I didn’t really like anything after Ten, tho. Then it was a ton of mediocre albums that I didn’t really care for. This one I would say is a little bit above the mediocre group, because of dance of the clairvoyants and a little bit bc of superblood wolfmoon.


Where do I start, lots of anticipation led to disappointment. Ed really rambles on this one and sings too much, if you interested, get tracks 1,2,4 and be done thats all you need. They added nothing but fillers after this. Super Blood Wolf Moon best song on this one and Can't Deny Me didnt make this album? This album took 6/7 years to make and entire songs were scrapped including Can't Deny Me. Not sure why PJ doing this now and wish they cared and wrote better songs.


Pearl Jam has reincarnated itself into a David Bowie cover band. *GAG*


I’m not a fan girl of Pearl Jam, and though I do like some songs but this is not very good... 🤨


When I first heard it I thought I hit a wrong button. Then I listened to it again, then again. Frankly I find the new sound refreshing and interesting. I can’t wait for the new album.

D. Stewart

Pearl Jam continues to create new content without sounding like they are recycling their hits from the past. Dance of the Clairvoyants is unlike anything they have produced before. Can’t wait for the full album to be released!


For a minute I thought I was listening to Dave Matthews Band.


I am not gonna trash this song, but I hope this new sound is isoltaed to this song only. Cool bassline but the rest of the band is almost non existent. Is that a keyboard?

Corona Joe

Is this REALLY Pearl Jam or a David Byrne tribute band?


Sounds familiar and I don’t mean like Pearl Jam

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