Lin-Manuel Miranda - Hamilton: An American Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

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Hamilton: An American Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording) Tracklist:


I purchased this and 1/2 the songs from act 1 say not currently available in my country (U.S.) and will not Download.

KevO the great

Amazing so cool and beautiful mwah mwah 💋 😊 so good


Will never get tired of listening to this album. Masterpiece!

HS car and dog lover

Just buy it already!




Nice to see Disney and Apple making money off a musical idolizing a slave trader. Not only did Hamilton buy and sell slaves, but he also voted for slaves to be considered property. Making money idolizing a racist slave trader. I wonder if Disney and Apple, and the general public, doesn’t mind because he was only half white and half West Indian.


Amazing so glad it’s on Disney plus can’t wait to see it in person one day


This is one of the only soundtracks that go down in history. It will never get old and it inspires so many children to learn more about history and theater. The cast is absolutely amazing and I love the soundtrack so much

Reese L 17

I have never been a big fan of hip hop or rap, so I never planned to listen to this soundtrack, even though the rest of my family was obsessed with it. I finally listened to it one day and... wow. This is quite possibly one of the best shows I have ever listened to.


Waaaaaaay overhyped

Trust and Us




puppey liver

I love this so much


Oh my goodness Jazmine Cephas Jones’ voice is so amazing and Lin-Manuel Miranda is lyrically genius. This song is more mature. If you aren't ready to listen to it now it is good to listen to it when you are older. Their voices are really gorgeous though.

hi hi hi hi hi you

Some good songs


I’ve listened to this dozens of times and seen the show twice.


The music Lin-Manuel Miranda has created gives the audience an amazing insight of American history. You truly get to know each and every one of the characters and after you finish the album you miss them. In my opinion Lin really brought the sense of inspiration and hope of something new back to the country and it’s people.


Enough said

the og avocado

The best thing I’ve listened to in a long time. End of story


I love the songs in the rap, and the way that Lin-Manuel Miranda put this together


I listened to it even before I watched the performance. I loved it so much that it really made want to watch it. Honestly awesome! I really like it.


That is my favorite song as well as the others

Supernova Mama

Love this music


That’s one of my favorite songs in the musical


I’ve been in love with Hamilton for a couple of months now, and I honestly love it. The music makes me happy and it’s like an escape from the actual world. The quality of the soundtrack is great and I recommend it for educational and just standard purposes. I was actually listening to Hamilton while writing this.


Use Apple Music for this but this is THE BEST. You should really listen to this, it is a beautiful soundtrack, also get the instrumental.


Hamilton is the best thing in my life rn


Lin Manuel Miranda’s clever wordplay and themes of songs from the ’90s and modern times get me up in the morning. What to say to this? How lucky we are to be alive right now when we can listen to this. Don’t throw away your shot, buy it buy it buy it!

I am a Hamilton Lover

Hamilton is the best musical in the hole world!!!! I hope five stars are all over Hamilton!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍😂😂😂😂😂😇😇😇😇😇😇

king george the 100th

Hamilton gets me pumped up every time! I have made some of my best friends from it and it has inspired me! I’m not throwing away my shot😃

A-Lice 13

Nothing short of GREATNESS!! An absolutely wonderful album that you need to purchase!


Ok first off, I loveeee Hamilton. But I deleted the soundtrack to free up space and when I went to redownload it, it just says purchased and doesn’t have the download symbol. it’s not in my purchased or downloads and i would really like to listen to it again. i don’t have a computer to find if it’s hidden or not. please help.

Carly Fontana

I listen like everyday 10/10🤩🤩

Cats may may Carlos

I love listening to the Hamilton sound track

why wont these names work

Just buy it, Now


I really really really like the music, when my grandmother showed me the soundtrack i fell in love. Now if you ever meet me there won’t be a day go bye without you seeing me listen to Hamilton.


Amazing work from Lin-Manuel Miranda Truly a masterpiece!! Hamilton is a great way to learn about Alexander’s life and the good and bad things he did during his life. I now understand the way that time period was.


I only recently fell in love with Hamilton, because my best friend is obsessed with it. The music is phenomenal and Lin Manuel Miranda really captured the essence of Alexander Hamilton and the life he led. I honestly don’t know I didn’t find this amazing broadway production sooner!



Annalyn C

I love how it is all songs, and very little talking, but the only problem I have is that it’s way too overrated. Besides that it’s amazing!


So I bought this entire album maybe a year ago and listened to the tracks for a while. After some time, I deleted the songs from my Apple Music app and can’t re-download them. I was wondering if there was a way to do this because I would like the songs that I bought back.


The idea of infusing hip hop into history like this is not original! Miranda did NOT think of nor create this idea! Let me make clear, this idea FIRST happened in an episode of SAVED BY THE BELL, around 1988/89! YES, I SAID 1988/89, close to THIRTY years PRIOR! THEN, it happened again in an episode of my favorite show MARTIN, around 1994, still WAY BEFORE this copy cat! I just hate when ideas are stolen & given credit to where it should NOT go to! Smh.


This is so good!


It’s probably the best musical I’ve ever heard. Immediately wanted to learn all the lyrics(and I did). It’s a mix of hip hop, rap, soft music, and so much more. Definitely recommended it.


How can you not like this!!? It’s not over rated it’s perfectly 5 star rated!!


I can’t stop listening to this album!

Sarah Striker

The music is so good!😍 Jonathan Groof is so funny!🤣


Great musical, horrible iTunes purchase experience. Showed as purchased but not playable for longest time.


WARNING act 1= a bop act 2= a funeral