One Direction - Made In The A.M. (Deluxe Edition)

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Made In The A.M. (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:


Such good music! Literally perfect in every way! ❤️

Trust and Us



Love love love this

Love you Ace Family

Every single song is truly amazing!!! Love them all 🥳🥳🥳 can’t wait to hear more




Okay I really like the boy band but I’m saying the issue is that I really miss Zayn Malik and also really I don’t think Shawn Mendes is the perfect person for the reunion because if Zayn never comes back the reputation is missed.Okay maybe Shawn could still improve it. It would probably make a new element for the boy band but I want Zayn Malik too because if he’s gonna be back then Shawn Mendes is gonna be another element for the band I’m saying they have to cooperate with each other because once Zayn Malik left I knew they had a good reputation I just really don’t like when people leave out the band so yeah I’ll tell ya this too if you don’t know Paramore people are still mad that the two boys left in that band but now Paramore is just on her own solo I don’t want the band to fall apart if Shawn Mendes changes and buries Zayn Malik and also If any of the One direction members are reading this they can judge my opinion I just feel like without Zayn Malik it won’t bring the full great reputation they’ve done in the past well so really please just if your gonna add Shawn Mendes then fine you can do that but I just want you members to remember who was your real friend and teammate I know maybe it wasn’t anyone’s fault he left I’m saying That everybody loves you Zayn you don’t have to leave them all we’re saying that we are supporting you even if your not gonna fix the past maybe you can solo with your self or you can come back to the band and you can make the reputation the same again And Zayn if your reading this I’m saying that who were the people the led you in 3rd place for X-Factor you should be grateful you had them maybe I said the wrong thing or it’s just that I want you to enjoy your self but I know you may be looking at the future right now but sometimes you should look at the past and plus you still should look at the future and prepare for coronavirus oh sorry just a little thing before I go back to the opinion again so just wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and now let’s talk about Zayn Malik okay so now about X-Factor I’m saying that your band mates were grateful you were in the band for 4 years at least but I’m saying that once you leave the reputation could break okay I know maybe you couldn’t keep up the reputation or you needed a break or you were tired at least don’t quit just be in the band and if you need a break you are welcome to as long as you still don’t quit maybe I said too much but there’s more to be said too and yeah Zayn Malik maybe you think that I’m forcing you but I’m just suggesting you and telling you what big accomplishments you’ve done with them and your maybe your gonna say no now but there’s still more to say maybe you thought I may have been talking too much but how about let’s explain more okay Zayn Malik your band mates miss you or maybe not you don’t have to join back but if you don’t come back at least look at the past even when your like 80 years old and you will see your or remember your best memories you had when you were in the band okay so Zayn maybe this long paragraph may be longer than a song so yeah if this is too much words for you to take I can throw more so you can understand you’re the reason why you got in 3rd place with your band mates at X-Factors and yeah sorry if my facts may be false if they’re false I just forgot okay I know why you were tired out of the spotlight and you wanted to be a normal person and have some private time and yeah I get it but I mean there are special times and you even won’t get to visit them you know you have a life but you really need your life I’m not making you try to feel famous I want to make you feel like you’ve enjoyed your time in One direction some people think it’s worth it just to leave something you know not everybody’s perfect and you know maybe you can leave your entire whole band mates who you hung out with and maybe at least say goodbye but what I’m saying is you can’t just hide your special future I mean it was really look there is always at least a piece of you that can look up to them look okay Before I continue on,your really handsome your hair is very cool and still I love the tattoos :3 well yeah buh bye I will tell you to look at this on your newest album Please look at this cause I want you to feel comfortable that One Direction never let you down and they would still let you in and all and they’ve been waiting for you to rise up and show you that you need to at least feel proud of yourself singing with them again at least for one more performance or album or year please I’m just asking okay so don’t take it seriously just calm down reading this okay?If you choose yes your fans will see the new you and see your face once again if no then your fans won’t see the real you and they will never see you with the band.Okay last thing If you won’t sing with them for at least like one more time then at least visit them and take a selfie :3. Okay so buh bye I might make a part two of this so yeah heads up also before you might add Shawn Mendes think about having Alec Benjamin on the band look if you guys get upset at me for changing the replacement I’d put Alec Benjamin or Shawn Mendes or both and I would still want Zayn Malik in though it would be a hit just like fall out boy :3

stream fine line☝🏻



Who can possibly write a negative statement about this album,.. yes it’s that great


I have to give this one star because they broke up


I love Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis, and Zayn. 1D best fandom forever 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍


Hi i love u I’m going on toor with u guys can’t wait to see u again

oh my god I love Chipolte

i don’t understand how someone can’t love this. One direction is the best!!!


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I have never heard anything soooo GOOD my favorite is wolves 🐺 awesome songs please buy all of them there soooooo GOOD!!!!!!


Today is November 13, 2019 4th anniversary


thank god this is over with cant wait to see what the next generation of little girls like from the record company put together boy bands


Beautiful but when I saw one of your songs say History I knew you guys were going to leave for a while lots of people miss you guys I’m glad you guys tried to do everything to make them proud and again love you guys I believe your coming back soon can’t wait love you guys 😭😍😊❤️❤️✌🏽

dolan super fan😭❤️😘

Omg on my way u know by the way my name is Sara an am not pregnant 🤰 maybe in. The future I wanna to pregnant 🤰 with twins 👯 because why not an I am senior now which is crazy 😝 an yeah have a nice night an amazing day I love you xoxo xoxo




they r so good like really good!! they were such a great band and hopefully in 2020 u guys will reunite!!💕❤️

love them forever

It’s 2019, I have been a fan for 7 years and they haven’t disappointed me yet!! This album is amazing and they continue to grow!! I love them and can’t wait to see them again!!


they are the best band ever with the best music. this album was very deep and was the most meaningful to them. please enjoy and don’t hate on the boys. they put a lot of effort into this for us fans to enjoy.

Karly Wolfe😉

I swear this album is so addicting! I’m literally in love with this album❤️ and I suggest this album to all must listen!!!!


Absolutely amazing still 4 years later. I miss you boys!!!!!


Abriana has hypnotized me so I could be forced to like One Direction, but in truth, I NEVER Liked One Direction to begin with! Why does this stupid band of fools KEEP RIPPING OFF SEVERAL SONGS!?!?!?!?


Kids in the future, we welcome you one direction the biggest boy band in the early 2010-2016’s. Three years ago was the last post and hopefully this one will make people appreciate it even more.

Kyle 25136890

I love all the songs the best one is drag me down I p.s Kyle Younan kai



song ratet

One Direction is great! You should buy it!!

1D superfan!

this album is full of great music for any mood you’re in, and really shows how talented these amazing boys are. love one direction!


OMG One direction u r so awesome! Normally I rarely listen to ur music, but history has so much great beat and its totally groovy. Tysm 1D


I love this song so much!!!💗💗💗

ani requena

I loved it!

Decendants 2 lover

I have all of you guys albums and this is the best one you’ve ever made!! Fav songs are A.M., Wolves, and Drag Me Down!!!


I mean what’s not to love

Jada be

1Direction come back


Nobody can drag them down!! I heart u 1D!!



Frida orlando

I’m in love



No body 123456

they be playing with my feeling but I still love them

Leilani Hoyez

Directionless are still here after 8 Years Of One Direction. I will still be listening to you guys and I’ll stay listening to you. Love you❤️




Does it really need a review? Comen on is One Direction!

Joe Blaszak

If only this wasn’t the last and I hope it won’t be😀😭


Bih I've barely been through the Album and it's getting 5 starts

Gabriella Barrios

this album is so amazing i can listen to it all day and not get tired of it. one direction is the best band ever. this is the last album before their hiatus and i think that it is the best one out of the five. pure amazement with this one😓❤️🇨🇮🇬🇧 love my irish-british boys 💗💗