The Raconteurs - Old Enough (feat. Ricky Skaggs & Ashley Monroe)

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Old Enough (feat. Ricky Skaggs & Ashley Monroe) - Single Tracklist:

Trust and Us



How can this not be a hit? The voices in concert with each other is awesome.


AFTER a Pilitt playlist running ALLDay This is REALLY relaxing 😌 #Luostsol


Better than the original

10 Root

This thing has some soul and is dang sexy. If for some reason you can't get past the country / twanginess you know not the roots of rock.


I like this version better than the album version. I saw just the band perform this live and it's also better than the album version.


This demonstrates the talent not only with Jack White but the Raconteurs. This is by far his best band and I wish he wouldn't have abondoned them. I see people calling this Country, by the way people, this is not considered country, this is Bluegrass. Ricky Skaggs is the most prominent Bluegrass musician of our time. What a fantastic mix of deep south with modern rock! Completely Awesome!

Ames Biker

Ricky Skaggs and Ashley Monroe are of the Bluegrass genre. That's why this song rocks! Bluegrass has much more style and intricate finger work with good beats from a stand up Bass. I love that Jack White and his troop are talented enough to go from Alternative Rock to Bluegrass. He is an amazing musician!


I hate country, I really can't stand it. This song was different, I don't know. Such a beautiful arrangements of instruments, they played the hell out of this song. Though I would suggest getting the video of this instead of the MP3, it really shows you how layered the song is.


This is, perhaps, one of the best collaborations I've heard in a long time!! I love Jack White- love him more with the racounteurs-and with Ashley Monroe and Ricky Scaggs, you can't go wrong!!! Perfect combination if you ask me! Can't get enough of it!!!


My new favorite song!!!


This is real !!! Crossing generations, I'm 54 and listen to the Raconteurs, Got out my guitar and played along with the you tube version. Need more of this pulling together, feels good.


Nice stuff. Jack stays true to his form while tightrope walking other genres and bordering mainstream popular music.

Madcow USM

One of the best blue grass breakdowns i have heard in a long time!!!!!!


I saw the video of this song on one of the country music stations on television and instantly fell in love with it! What an unlikely collaboration (between the Raconteurs [alternative rock group] and Ricky Skaggs [classic country and bluegrass]), but it really works, even for this die-hard country lover! Buy this song for the great lyrics, harmonies, and tempo. You won't regret it!


OK! Someone needs to get all the above back in to the studio for a progressive bluegrass album. Jack, Brendan, Ashley and Ricky sound awesome together. I love the feel of this song. Please someone ...let them do more like this. It reminds me of Nickel Creek with an edge. I absolutely want more! The video is also amazing. Ricky and Ashley would HAVE to be in the mix. DO IT! I think this would be huge.


This is a great song, and I find myself listening to it over and over. Country or rock who cares because it is great!


I'm "old enough" to have heard some great songs, great lyrics, and great harmonies going back to the '60s. This song is one of the best ever. (and the video's pretty cool too!)


I first saw the video on CMT and loved it!!! I love Ashley Monroe's voice and I have been recently been turned to Ricky Skaggs. I dont know to much about Jack White and the rest of the group but I loved it!! Hope they continue with more bluegrass music in the future!!!

Kalen P.

I HATE Country music, but this, this I LOVE. It's mature country (otherwise known as bluegrass) with a twist. I cannot stop listening to it.


Monroe's voice is a perfect addition to benson's, while Skagg's rips on his mandolin. White sounds sick or bored but still an amazing take on the song.


This piece complements their rock rendition and I like this better. Sounds like rift from Kinks "Living on a Thin Line". Great introduction to The Raconteurs for a new music profile and shows range and influence Jack and Brendan possess. Mark Watrous, Ricky Skaggs, Jack White, Jack Lawrence demonstrate great string combination, Ashley Monroe makes this her own. Highly recommended.

roots rockwell

this makes total sense to me. there is so much down home organic goodness on the original recording that reproducing this song as a bluegrass anthem totally works. i hope the raconteurs stay together for many years to come.


The Raconteurs continue to make great songs even better with their style morphing. Bluegrass and country give us more! This band will be one for the ages. Get with it and get it.


Well, first off, this is a great song, but sadly, it was a little better on Consolers. My only gripe with this version is that they slowed it down too much. But I do like the girl's voice harmonizing with Jack, it sounds great. If only they'd kept the beat of the original song...

J. Whitener

Yes everyone. This IS a country version of the song! So what! It's terrific! The Raconteurs have proven over and over again that they can break musical genres and still create something beautiful or flat out raw. For those of you going "this is not country" is! Ricky Scaggs and Ashley Monroe are country singers! Great Mix I say.


This song is great. Get it. But to say it's not country because of Jack White... ridiculous. Sounds like one other reviewer feels guilty over liking an authentic Country song. Just turn on your ears, dude. There is nothing not-country about the song: bass line, brush-on-snare, fiddle, etc...


I love this version! I love the violin and the girls voice. I agree it is not country, it's more Folk-rock, Bendan-style. It kinda sounds like something The Band would have sang. Love it!

dots and lines

just because a song has a violin in it doesn't mean its country. plus, this is just a single, the entire album will not be like this. wake up people


Wow ! what a great version of this song. It's better than the original version. I hope the raconteurs do more music like this in the future!

Ragin-wash-in ton

I love this song!!! I have had the very same talk w a friend of mine. amazing!


all about the D.

Topher! at the disco

Jack white is amzinlgy talented... and its, this song proves how remarkably diverse someones tastes and talents can be...


I thought the album wasn`t all that great.I think "Solute Your Solution" is better.


This is a great track, don't get me wrong, but the album version is better...definitely buy that one if you're only going to get one of the two. I'd go so far as to say it's the best song on Consolers, but that's a tough call seeing as it's the best album of 2008 and doesn't have a bad song on it.


I'm a HUGE Jack White fan and I also love bluegrass, so what a perfect combination. This is an excellent song that is also a lot of fun to listen to. Get it now!


This band is what music has been missing in todays so so music scene. They are so raw, pure and real! This is a must by song...I'd sure love to have more. Can't wait until the 3rd album.


I was never a huge mainstream country fan but this is pretty sweet. What great sound!


Counrty? Who cares! I am a total AFI fan and I love Jack White's work. I recently became a Raconteur's fan and I LOVE this version of this song. I also think the newest Raconteurs CD is one of the best CD's to come out this year. It's a cool mix of rock, blues and country. LOVE IT! I reco you buy this and the new CD.


It doesn't matter that it's country music. What matters is that it's a good song. Jack White is way too creative to limit himself to one genre. People hate country music because all the mainstream stuff has four chords and whines about the same thing for each song. This obviously doesn't fall into that category. Give it a chance.

Big Maizekid

I saw them play this in concert... and I wanted it then.. thanks jack n boys , for sharing this gem... DONT HATE cause its country people... open your head up and wrap it around something other than the little music you may listen to.. there is a massive library of beautiful stuff to hear out there if you dig!


why country music?? their first album was awesome and everything they've released since is sucky

Jack White Fan258

This is a great song. If you listen to the origional, and then this, the contrast is great, but the songs are still awesome. This is a great song to add to your collection.


I would love to hear the whole album played in this style. I think the album rocks, but really enjoy this version and would love to hear more. !!! thanks

Mr. Kdawg

I like it! This country style is a cool thing for the Raconteurs. I normally can't stand country, but this song rocks!

Greener Giant

Yeah. It's good.

Good Reviewer2

stick with what you guys had going love the raconteurs but not so much teh counrty where didi this come from??? i mean its greeat that thier triying new things but i liked the old stuff better alot better!


I don't usually like country but this is pretty good. They have good voices but they don't mix well together!




Very very nice. What makes The Raconteurs such a successful and loved band is their willingness to mix it WAY up. What other popular rock band is going to take a hit song, and do a completely bluegrass rendition of it? Plus, it doesn't sound weird. They play it with great taste. The mandolin-picking from Ricky Skaggs fits perfectly, and what's even better is when Ashley Monroe harmonizes with Brendan Benson. Their voices really compliment each other. PS. Look out for the bridge. There is a six-part harmony that is going to melt your heart.