Oasis - Time Flies... 1994-2009

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Time Flies... 1994-2009 Tracklist:


How could anyone rate this phenomenal band one star? Their catchy alternative songs are so amazing, I could honestly listen to them all day, especially Wonderwall. I have many other positive things to say about this band. (Sorry for the short review.)


I am 12 years old and my Irish dad plays these songs and got me hooked and now I can't stop listening. My 3 favorites are wonder wall don't look back in anger and stop crying your heart out. But oasis is truly one of the best bands that ever played. There music will "live forever"

biebers babe1

Just sayin.... MY MAD FAT DIARY brought me here!!!


I love Wonder wall, Champagne Supernova, don't look back in anger, and supersonic :D thanks for such a lovely album! Never gets old :)


Amazing album of course but very bad download quality. Sound is very plastic and with no bass. First one from iTunes to be so bad.


Greatest song by Oasis

Tim Bombadim

This compilation slows down time. You thought you loved Oasis and now you want to jump off an Irish building. I wouldn't trade it in for the world and to me, solid five stars but I wouldn't recommend this to your everyday music enthusiast The last track has a bonus song attached called "Sunday Morning Call"

Matthew Copus

I really like Whatever and Im Outta Time. But theyre all good :)

Inside Light

This collection is proof that Oasis belong in the short list of iconic music legends. This is not a greatest hits collection b/c some of their best songs were never released as radio singles. Listening to these tracks brings back a flood of memories associated with each song and how they've influenced my own music writing. Thom Yorke is just another poor pitiful slagger who is too envious to admit he will never achieve the level of success and admiration amongst fans and peers.


This is an awesome album. I only bought Whatever since I pretty much own every other song. It saddens me that these guys couldn't make it work, for now. I'm sure the reunion in 15 years will be awesome, I mean if David Lee Roth and Van Halen can work it out... ha ha. Cheers Oasis and I'll be looking forward to what the Brothers' Gallagher do solo. If you have the means, I would get this album and then get some of the videos that always seem to disappear for 6 months at a time. (itunes, I'm looking in your direction)


im a fan, dont get me wrong, but this album is crap. its all being re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re released. its time they stopped re releasing everything and expecting all thier fans to but it. there are maybe 2 songs on here that i dont already have, one of which is an album purchase. not worth it.


This band stinks and they always have. Greatest hits proves they have nothing more to offer and want $$$. I really hope they finally fall off the face of the earth.


There's no The Masterplan or Don't Go Away.

Hot Mamma

As a long time staple in my life I'm trully grateful to see this on Itunes. While Stop the Clocks was their greatest hits... this is a great collection of single hits to jam to. So many songs bring back so many memories! Great addition for summer listening and those cool nights outside chilling~!


It is obvious that there is a new mix of wonderwall present on this singles compilation album by oasis. If you listen to the new one in comparison with the old, the new mix has way better drum dynamics, percussion and shakers, and the vocals are not as upfront. If the recordings off of whats the story morning glory could all sound this good, then why not remaster and remix every album and make it actually listenable? i love oasis, but the high compression and wave clipping and poor mastering on their early albums make it hard to love. please rerelease these classics because i have been teased by this new wonderwall.


Thank you for finally giving us Whatever to download.


Speaking as a hardcore Oasis fan who followed them since the beginning, while this "greatest hits" album offers most of Oasis's best, it is not their definitive "best". There are many, many songs that are worthy of being on this album but sadly were omitted. Songs like "Sunday Morning Call", "Don't Go Away", and "Gas Panic" to name a few. Maybe they just wanted to limit it to a 2-disc set. A true "greatest hits" album would be at least a six-disc box set. At the very least, this was a better cross-section of Oasis' hits than "Stop the Clocks", which was a major disappointment. I am a big fan of their "b-sides". I have compiled a collection of all their b-sides that spans four discs. I am glad that they finally included "Whatever" in this album.


Not every song an artist or band makes will be good but for Oasis, they have some awesome songs and I'll always like Oasis.

Shark Trager

First heard this song at the end of The Butterfly Effect (US Theatrical) and it's been my favorite song ever since. So beautiful, dark, stirring and uplifting at the same time. It never took off in America, but it's Oasis' best song imo. A shame that the band has split due to problems of ego...


Oasis is easily one of my favorite bands, and this album serves as the perfect parting gift from the band that has brought me so many memories. Basically everything is one here. I own this album and Stop the Clocks, and while there is a fair amount of overlap, the possession of those two albums basically encompasses all of Oasis' finest moments. This is a singles collection, so you can't really argue about major omissions, as literally the tracks on this album are only singles released by the band.


I was one of the biggest Oasis fans as evidenced by the many concerts I went to, bootlegs and CDs they came out with, but this is another best of album which has been produced before. Not worth the buy. Oasis is over don't give them any more money unless they give you something NEW in return.


A great singles collection from a great band! I love "Wonderwall"! By the way, if you want to buy individual songs, buy them here, because every song is only 99 cents here and $1.29 everywhere else. Save your money!


I really love this band its tough to see a good band split but things happen at least we have there music


Time Flies is Oasis' singles collection. Does that make it a more comprehensive best-of than Stop the Clocks? In some ways yes, and in others no. So it goes. Songs which were not properly 'singles' (like Acquiesce) are not here. Some neglected hits (like Whatever) are probably going to be heard for the first time by many U.S. listeners. It's a grand collection, full of highlights. However, I am quite skeptical of this break-up lasting. Noel and Liam have always played their cards to stay in the press spotlight. I'm betting this will result in a stab at outdoing the Blur reunion one day. That would fit with Noel's m.o.


It doesn't get any better than this, man! One of the best and last rock and roll bands of all time.


Come on everyone, how many times can they re-re-re-re-release these songs? The masterplan 2.0. I would say it's insulting that they keep releasing these compilations over and over again, but it seems everyone keeps buying them. How about some new songs or originals? As for Whatever being on this album, it's a junk version. Horrible. Go search for the live version that includes bits of Octopus' Garden.


I agree with Truckz, another greatest hits album? It's basically the same than "Stop The Clocks", just as a collection item and for the cool art in the cover (that reminds me the first Oasis singles sleeves) worth the purchase, for the music, c'mon, every oasis Mid-Fan has them all already. The band should have tried something more like "The Masterplan", maybe some demos, Bsides, outtakes, rareties, whatever. Anyways I'm gonna buy it 'cause i really love this band, but it's the last time Ok Gallaghers?


Awesome, finally all their greatest hits and Music Video's available for public. Mad Fer It !!!!


Yes it's true, Oasis is coming to an end. But there is no need for sorrow, for the band has left us with many lasting memories. One of the most notable songs they've released was Wonderwall, a catchy, lovable, addicting ballad from their album 'What's The Story Morning Glory'. This release is meant to give us the best of Oasis. It features the songs 'Whatever' and 'Lord Slow Me Down', which were previously released, but never put on a album. This album is one solid set of hits, and reminds us of everything we love about Oasis.


Oasis is one of those bands that once you listen to is really hard to forget or to ignore. The first time i listened to "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" in 2002 i was instantly hooked and i literally haven't stopped listening to them since. I had the chance to see them performing live in Mexico in 2008 and it was simply magical, i'll never forget that night. Songs like "Live Forever", "Wonderwall", Champagne Supernova", "Whatever", "Let There Be Love", "Don't Look Back In Anger", "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" and "I'm Outta Time" are the kind of songs that you really have to listen before you die. If you are young, Oasis is the perfect band to give your golden adventures a great soundtrack. Time Flies and my youth may be fading little by little, but everytime i listen to this awesome band i go back to those glorious days.... ...days that shall LIVE FOREVER!

Jack Alberson, Music Maker

Yet again, "Don't Go Away" from Be Here Now gets overlooked in favor of the bloated excess of "All Around the World". I give it three stars on the strength of their catalogue, but c'mon maaaaaaan... Guess I'll stick with the other highlights collection that came out a couple years back.

Tyler Derwin

they definitely missed a few key songs that should have been on there. Since I'm a big Oasis fan, and don't think they have a bad song, obviously I'm going to say that. However, how is The Masterplan not included on this. I mean seriously, that was probably their all time best song. Along with The Masterplan, where is Don't Go Away, Rock 'n' Roll Star, (Get Off Your) High Horse Lady, Guess God Thinks I'm Abel, Acquiesce, Talk Tonight, Little James, Gas Panic!, or Sunday Morning Call? I don't know if any of those were ever released as singles or not, but if your compiling a greatest hits collection of Oasis, I feel like they need to be included. Especially 2 of the biggest fan favorites, The Masterplan and Acquiesce. Granted those 2 were b-sides, they were amazing songs. All around its definitely a 5 star album, I just feel like more could have been added to it.


oasis is just amazing.. absoultly my favorite band and there music will live forever :)


I was very dissapointed when I saw an awful show put on by Oasis in December 2008. I wasn't that into them at the time, but it was just a bad show nonetheless. Lately, I've had an Oasis revival and have found some new favorites. Incredible band and truly talented musicians. Feel bad for Noel and wish him luck on his further journeys in music.

Wolf Moon

Great collection from a great band... haven't been listening to Oasis for a long time, but I was a quick fan. I'll be watching out to see what Liam and Noel will be doing in the future. Live forever.


How can you put together 27 songs and NOT have "Acquiesce"?? Include that song and this gets 5 stars. Oh well.


Oasis is a great alternative band and i think they re style was fresh and new and thats what made it so special.


See ya guys! Gonna miss ya!


Technically, Closed Heart Surgery is my favorite music project (look them up on here), but Oasis is my favorite BAND. This collection shows why Oasis are so grand. There are songs about partying, rebellion, love, sorrow, and going-with-the-punches (and punching back!) The only thing negative that I can say about this album is that apart from 'Whatever' and 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down,' all of the songs have seen release on a studio album. This collection also details only the 'a-sides,' and does not include the brilliant 'b-sides,' such as 'Let's All Make Believe' and 'Step Out.' However, this album does accomplish what it was meant to accomplish: Providing a historical document of the greatest band's singles, and providing newer listeners with the definitive release (until you can't tolerate not having the rest of the albums, anyway).


I love Oasis, I really do. They have a ton of great songs, but how many greatest hits albums can you have?


I've loved Oasis since Live Forever. Sad to see them split, but ready to see what Noel and Liam can do apart. If you're just getting into Oasis, this is a great price for a great collection of their work!


This a great compilation of Oasis songs with really good quality, its really worth buying.