Norah Jones - Begin Again

Blue Note Records; ℗ 2019 Capitol Records, LLC

Begin Again Tracklist:

Lashelle Shuman

I usually love everything she does but this album... It’s so bad that I don’t want to pay the $7.00 they are charging for it. It’s as if she ran out of steam and just tossed stuff out there for the heck of it. I’m surprised that they even bothered to record this 😕.


I agree and disagree....come away with me album was such a big hit until this day, Because it was “simply brilliant “ collaboration and new sound sometimes is good but it could have misunderstood by listeners .


Even though this is simply a collection of songs, the songs live up to what I have come to expect from Norah: quality with passion driving them.

Kunye vest

The voice of the last 20 years has gotten better and better! Her popularity has gained more and more attention as the age of humanity moved forth. Within the grandiose age of social media human disconnect and millennial entitlement there is a tiny glimpse of hope is found within the music and soul of Nora Jones! We will begin to see major shifts and polarity as the taste of music swings back and forth, her experimentation with sounds perfects itself through evolution and moods. It is the authenticity of the music that integrates all that is awareness of nature soul awakening! Get this amazing album now!!!


As wonderful a voice as Norah has, the album is not cohesive at all


Love her voice. So unique and infectious! Loving how some of these songs are more upbeat then her past releases. Purchase worthy for sure!!


It is great to hear her again. I love the fact she is willing to explore and bring her sound to so many styles and songs. Thanks


I really enjoy Norah Jones’ music, but this album just misses the mark. By a lot.


What a brilliant collection of originals - her talent never ceases to amaze!


I sure miss the Norah Jones I first heard.


Norah has done it again...absolutely fantastic!!


No. The answer is no.


People call this boring. I call it amazing. She’s always made the most relaxing, spiritual music ever..


I admire that she tries new things and all her albums have a distinct sound.

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