Old Man Gloom - No

℗ 2012 Hydra Head Records

No Tracklist:


Old Man Gloom are the best there is, with concentrated, explorative, and meditative outputs of chaotic music. NO hit me like a freight train in first listens, but with deeper hearing I can make out a pitch black musical labyrinth with some nod to an apocalyptic outcome thats unavoidable for the living world. The songs are all titanous monsters of slugging, grinding violence, each musician achieves a near perfect balance on this album. I was quite impressed how the same drone noise introduced in 'Grand Inversion' stretches venomously across the entire album, slithering and groaning until an absolutely gorgeous climax at around 11:41 in 'Shuddering Earth' Personally I find this movement to be the most moving thing I've yet to hear from this band. NO only continues their legacy as the most cerebral grind core band ever to exist. NO is a masterpiece.


I wasn't too sure at first, but after a few listens, I can't stop listening to it. The first 5 tracks are tremendous. The remaining 4 also quite good, but the first 5 will blow you away...


Hey, go buy it for less on their band camp site.