Niko Moon - GOOD TIME - EP

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GOOD TIME - EP Tracklist:

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Niko Moon’s music is so unique, he definitely has his own style! I love all of his songs! Not to mention his voice ties his music all together! All of the haters just need to not because this is how all modern country is whether if you like it or not.


I’m usually not a fan of pop country and I usually really criticize it. But this is simply good music. Some country aspects, like the lyrics, but not many.......


This is pure garbage. Put this in "Pop" and I have no problem with it, or remove all the fake baselines, forced "country" sounding lyrics and repeating hip-hop snare drums. But if you do, you are left with weak vocal and the slide guitar. Now that I think about it, remove everything but the slide guitar and this is immensely improved.

Josh D. Stafford

Lol these old heads and coutnry pureists. These are some amazing tracks for sping break 2020!


Great tunes! Super enjoyable.


This pop/rap country needs to STOP. It is not country. THIS IS POP! I wish I could post what I really think..


Just when you think it can’t get worse, a crap album like this comes out. Whoever is manufacturing this trash, please stop.


THIS EP IS AMAZING! EVERY SINGLE SONG IS A JAM! I can crank this up and listen on repeat all day long! Can't wait for more music from this guy! His positive attitude and good time vibes are going to take him very far! LOVE IT!!


These songs freakin’ BUMP! Definitely the perfect album for summer days with all my friends! I’m HERE for this new wave of country music.


I truly love this! I’m happy to see artists like this changing the platform.


This EP is incredible. It’s a real coming of age for country music. Country music is going through an evolution and I feel this EP is perfect for that evolution.


Nico is a great song writer and has written hits for Zac Brown and collaborated with many others. His music is a refreshing and his lyrics are clever. I love his music and am happy to see this album come out!


This is now on repeat!!! Definitely my new favorite EP of 2020 🖤


I love Niko’s new music. It is so well written and I love the rhythmic side of it. Look out Sam Hunt, there is a new country boy and his name is Niko Moon!!


I literally laughed out loud. This has got to be a joke, right?

no nickname needed to express

And this crap is what country music has come to? iTunes should create a new genre for this type of chewy, cheesy, skinny, jeansie, wanna be country music.

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