New Found Glory - From the Screen to Your Stereo 3

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From the Screen to Your Stereo 3 Tracklist:


Classic since 1997.


Love this guys!


I’ve listed to NFG for a long time, and after hours from July 4, my July 5 has been a dance party ever since (hours later) with this album! It is really good. I think they have sustained to parallel where blink-182 should be now relative to the early 2000’s. I recommend this one if you have been missing 2000 pop punk.

the super quest

So happy to hear great covers of iconic songs buy NFG. This band keeps listening to there fans, while still keeping true to there style. Please listen to this and support NFG.


Such a fun album!


Perfect for summer, they did an amazing job. I never thought I would like the song from frozen or eye of the Tiger this much.


NFG nails it again. I love their take on all these songs!


Easily a cover album to remember, and just in time for summer. This track list combined with their sound brings me right back to grade school.


Love the new album! So fun hearing the covers! The boys destroyed The Woody Show Fiesta last night!


They did it again. They’ll never stop producing amazing content for us! Love it!


Some of the most well done covers! NFG never fails to impress!


Good album, I really like the songs they chose


I am I buying this before a BR album. Well I suppose it’s pretty good.


Best covers songs ever!

The Bradleyss

Who wastes their money on this?

g the lemon

I only gave it five stars cause they covered a counting crows song should be interesting

Hank Sinatra Jr

Why do people bad review prereleases that they haven’t listened to? I don’t like mustard. I’m not going to give Heinz a bad review if they are planning to release a new mustard. #IdiotsOfTheInternet


Thanks for what I’m sure will be another classic.

Tim Warp

So far only the single is available, but it’s my favorite from any of their cover albums so far. I love it!