Various Artists - Crash Landing on You (Original Television Soundtrack)

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Crash Landing on You (Original Television Soundtrack) Tracklist:


I love this TV series. Every songs here always make me smile because all the warm feelings I memorized from all emotion scenes.


I’ve put off watching this drama even everyone I know seems to be raving about how good it is. Now that I have, i’m not sure I made the right decision. I have not stopped watching it for over a week now and can’t even keep track how many times. This was superbly done! The actors fit perfectly into the story. The dynamics between the characters and the chemistry between Hyun Bin and Sin Ye-Jin was exceptiona! I have not watched a Kdrama that I cared about the female lead but she captured my heart. Now, the music was perfectly selected for every scene that it was played at! I have purchased several to memorialized the impact it had on me. I’m sure I will keep watching it for oh I don’t know, maybe forever! Congratulations to every single person involved in this production! You got someone who cannot stand tv dramas hooked!!!!


I watched a year after they on air on Netflix and watched it twice !!! Really intend with the story... especially Hyon Bin!! 🌷


I can’t even put to words how much emotions I had on this series! It’s beyond perfection. All the characters played such vital roles. Kudos to the writer for creating such masterpiece. I love this show so much that even if I watch it over and over it will give me the feels I had like the first time. My heart is full!


Everything about this series captivated me ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Had the pleasure of viewing “Crash Landing” It is a superb drama! Better than anything on American TV which is trash in my opinion. Beautifully written, directed and acted❤️. The music is wonderful the songs meaningful.


How come this album isn’t available like most to just purchase in full at once, and makes you buy every song individually?


I came here because of the show, the music made me feel every moment with my heart, this is the best show I have ever seen, the plots, the two sides of north and south , the characters, were all on point, it had me wanting more, the leading man Ri took my breath away with his beauty and way of protecting the woman he loved, the villain had me wanting to kill him myself, I am not much into subtitles, but I could not wait until the next episode to see what was going to happen, please see the movie and you will run and get the soundtrack, both the movie and music were 10 plus.


...To even do this show justice. The music won’t sound like much until you watch the show. Then, you will not be able to hear it without feeling a rush of longing for the characters who became like family along the way.


Fantastic cast!! Looking forward to Hyun Bin’s next project !!👍👍👍


I just gotta say. I’m not here to review the music, because although it was touching, I’ve heard a lot better songs. It does fit the mood nicely though. I am here to review the drama itself. Not only is it the best Kdrama I’ve ever seen, but I’m willing to go further and say it’s the best tv series (non cartoon) that I’ve ever seen! The double sided story and culture between the North and the South is so fulfilling. I felt a strong appreciation of both lifestyles true or not. The love story of Ri and Seri is how I wish life truly is. Ri is the most admirable man ever. He is a true inspiration to who I want to be. Ri’s friends are also the coolest friends that I’ve never had. I also received proper closure in the end, but Dana’s loss is a reminder of what feels like endless struggle I have had in my own life. There was so much to be learned, and I could honestly watch it on repeat for a lifetime.


It seem like that’s the only ost missing from the list. Can it be added!?


Why “Give you my heart” by IU not in the song list?

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