MISSIO - The Darker the Weather // The Better the Man

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The Darker the Weather // The Better the Man Tracklist:

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Their first album sounded much less “forced” if ya know what I mean. Said album had interesting differences between tracks and sophisticated, well-thought-out production. THIS is just plain boring. I give them credit for at least TRYING to stick to their sound, but really?? This is as “dark” and “edgy” as Taylor Swifts reputation is “bad”. Their first album had an authentically depressing mood with equally atmospheric synths. This? Feels like they lost touch with their old style but are desperately trying to figure what went right the first time. Couldn’t give it one star, AudiA4, while definitely not MISSIO’s sound, IS fun for parties.


These guys are so amazing. Coming from a metalhead, these guys are the kind of alternative I love. Every song is different enough to be really exciting, yet familiar enough to enjoy their same overall sound. Favorite songs are Underground, Temple Priest, and absolutely Misfit Lunatic.


Just as good, and maybe even better than the first album. Hard to say though Bc I really love everything by Missio.

Matt De G

Rad Drugz and I see You. That’s about it.


Remember when Missio was awesome? These last two albums are almost unlistenable trash.

Nick Cormier

I mean— the album title sounds better than the sum of its contents. The reality is i was massively hyped following my first hearing of “Animal” just earlier this year, and seeing this had dropped without my realizing made me smile. That was until I listened— do people with honest opinions review or just friends/payviews? Because 21 other people gave this 5/5 stars meaning perfect, where in actuality it is the most generic alternative sound I’ve heard all year. Not even close.


This has been well worth the wait. From beat tracks like Misfit Lunatics and Audi A4 to more chill songs like the title track, I haven’t found one I hit skip on. I look forward to stopped down track as they did with the previous album. If you are a fan you won’t be disappointed.


Just met Matthew and David, playing at Metro tonight, they will rock the House. It’s always great to find a new artist and music you can connect wit, its even better to know those artist are genuine about their art and performance, catch this wave n check em out.......good stuff! D


I'll start off to say that MIssio is not perfect from the jump. Their first album was very interesting, with a unique sound that showed a lot of promise to their future. KDV, Twisted, Everybody Gets High, DWI are my personal favorites. I had high hopes for their second album, but unfortunatley majority of the new tracks (as interesting as they sound) felt rather, "rushed". Temple Priest feels llike a jumbled mess. Dizzy I will admit is my least favorite. Misfit lunatic has sounds that I felt were unnecessary and ruined the potential it started with. Audi A4 sounds fun, but quickly becomes boring and repetitive (like many tracks). Shimmy I found to be in poor taste from re-creating an older song from another artist. Black roses, which is by far THE MOST DISAPPOINTING SONG of the entire ablum. I say that because I actually relate with the lyrics, but quickly ruined by the repetitous wording of black roses. Over all the album is only half decent, and RAD DRUGZ manages to be my top favorite despiste having to listen on multiple occasions for it to grow on me.


This is such an amazing album!


This group continues to amaze me. Have no idea how long they are going to live due to all the drugs their on but let’s enjoy the music while it lasts. Great album for sure!


Guys. Start listening to, and supporting this band. The album is AMAZING and you should REALLY see them live. The best!!!



Mamon badi

Keep it up.

joshua daniel james

Can't wait for this album


MISSIO has made many beautiful songs, now that this album will be here soon, makes this even better! I cannot wait.


Normally I'm against writing reviews ahead of an album's release, but MISSIO's debut was one of the most smart, innovative, and beautiful albums I've listened to in a while. It challenged my tastes too, because while I'm not a fan of music that's heavy with synths, I love alternative, and it was interesting to have the genres sort of blended together. To this day I still can't stop listening to "Everybody Gets High" and "Kamikazee." Anyway, listening to the singles it sounds as though MISSIO is already experimenting on their sophomore album, taking a more upbeat approach to Loner's feelings of isolation. However, the duo does it in a way that should attract new fans and please old ones, managing to maintain their unique sound. This album has already provided me with "Temple Priest" as a new favorite, so I can't wait to listen to it in full. Buying a hard copy the day this comes out. Gotta support the artist.


this is dope allready