Maverick City Music - Maverick City Vol.1

℗ 2019 Maverick City Music

Maverick City Vol.1 Tracklist:


Beautiful voices and melodies. Just awesome. Glory to God for this group of talented people.

Darsey Villa

This album inspires your heart to want to draw near to the God. You can hear their love pouring out in the sound of their voices and you think, “I gonna hear more of this, this is where I wanna be!”


been here all this time so tell me where I was lookin because you weren't hard to find

Revolving closet

I put this on every morning driving my kids to school. Chills. Every. Time. Such a genuine spirit led time of worship giving adoration, praise and thanksgiving. Thank you for this!




The songs and pure worship will take you into the presence of God each time you listen to this album. Every song is beautiful and the voices and music are oily. There aren’t much instruments to every song but that’s what I love about this album. The simplify of the music but the lyrics are heavy. Get this album, you won’t be disappointed 👍🏾❤️


Highly recommend this album!!! Beautiful and incredible!


Just so good


I’ve been listening to this non stop on IGTV and I’m so excited for this release! Pure worship straight from the throne! Love, love, love this! 🙌🏻❤️


We need more of this. Just pure, unadulterated worship. Not about any man or program. Just about Jesus, and a love, passion, and adoration for Him. Spectacular album!


This experience results in an encounter. And it’s just like 2 instruments filled with beautiful voices and hearts in full surrender. Thank you!


Beautiful worship