Lucky Daye - Painted

℗ 2018 Keep Cool/RCA Records

Painted Tracklist:


The most perfect album!!!! I never skip a single song...EVER!!!! The level of talent this man has is incredible! Truly special.


This album is...very heartfelt . It’s stunningly beautiful music. The songs I didn’t necessarily care for, ended up being an acquired taste; as are the finer things in life. The first apple music purchase I’ve made SOLELY in support of Mr. Daye.🍀’Painted’ has honestly changed my life and helped me embrace my vulnerabilities.

Trey Dash

This album from start to finish is a blueprint to what an R&B album should be.


Lucky Daye said let me show these white boy wannabes what funk is.


From my first listen I loved this album. I listen to it all at least once a day🔥


This entire album is ♥️♥️♥️


No skips, on the real.


I love this dude, and iTunes is absolutely correct! He sounds nothing like the 'average' R&B you hear o the radio. GOOD GRAB RCA!! BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT!!!


Amazing. That’s it - that’s the whole review.

Fifi Baptiste

From start to finish, PAINTED is a solid, sonic and enchanting body of work. He puts on amazing shows and does not fail to deliver the vocals that you fall in love with, instead, he delivers more in person. He deserves every ounce of success that he is experiencing. 🍀

Regal Gypsy

I am enchanted..he is me!! Emotions are real!!


I stumbled upon this artist thanks to my favorite TV show Insecure. I fell in love with it be because it has a soulful jazz type feel to it. I can listen to this album from the beginning to the end. I’m truly a fan!!!!🥰


This is such good music and it makes me smile whenever I listen. I’ve been obsessed.


This album has so much emotion over funky beats. His rhythmic verse fused with jazz horns. Love it. Ahead of his time definitely a vibe


This album is definitely a vibe!! This album has been on repeat for me. Can’t wait to see him live this week!


Have LITERALLY been listening to him for about 8 months straight since I discovered him! His music will transcend you. It’s magical. Forever thankful for that Instagram ad for introducing me to him ❤️ - A #DayeOne


I first heard Roll some more in a Lyft ride on California in February 2019. I mean the vibe of the song being in Cali was just perfect. I asked the driver who is that and he said Lucky Daye. Before I left my ride I had downloaded the song. I have since purchased the album and I’m very impressed. When I want to chill I through Lucky Daye. Its fiyah 🔥🔥🔥




He weaves various sounds behind classic r&b beats and tempo. He adds classical, electronic, vocal and even chanting hymn type sound. It all makes sense and the album is strong and stands as a whole and fleshed our cohesive piece of art. Bravo!!! Blessings King!




Deflee one of the best albums of the year!


I’m a new listener to Lucky Daye and this album I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED 💯 He’s different I needed a artist like this in my playlist.


This is the best album I have purchased in years from a male artist. Lucky has a bright future ahead of him...will definitely be around for many decades to come.


The man created a masterpiece! This is what I'd call timeless music. Smooth vocals and lyrics bathed in funk, soul, and jazz. What he does in this album I haven't heard any other artist do. Born with that authentic New Orleans swag that shows up on every single track. He just set a new standard for music. Not one song is skippable. So grateful for people like him persistent in honing their God given talent. Can't wait to see what he does down the road. Until then, I'm gona wear this album out!


Finally an album with REAL MUSIC that my ears don’t mind listening to!! This whole album is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥‼️‼️ THANK U LUCKY DAYE FOR STEPPING OUT OF THE CROWD & DOING SOMETHING REAL!! 😍😘😘


I'm strictly old school because of the talented writing of music from old school, which I thought was gone. This album shows real writing skills plus real music. Great album!! Don't lose your flavor.


One of my all time favorite albums


Went to download “Real Games”and ended up downloading the whole album! This album is the bomb


Brought back the funk on this one!👏🏽🔥


This Album has Standards which seem to have faded from many artists. He seems to have tapped into the encryptions of the artists of old. He allows our minds decipher our own meanings to his art. I hope that makes sense. Dope, comes to mind. Great job


Album is dope the whole way thru. Karma is the banger, floods will make you contemplate that last failed relationship. Lucky, keep em coming!


To me this album is nothing but amazing!!! So glad this exist 🙌


The entire album is fire! I usually use Apple Music but I couldn’t resist buying it, that’s how good it is. Probably gonna get the CD too if that’s a thing.


The album I’ve been waiting for. Such a vibe

Shiny skyy

Your music is amazing! Keep it up lucky Daye 🥰❤️🤗


Some fantastic R&B funk right here


I listened to both EP’s when they first came out and been a fan since. This album is worthy of being my first purchase on iTunes!

Ajani Spears

Lucky Daye is talented new artist. This album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


He has been bubbling for a while this is great music.


This is an awesome album that delivers the total R&B experience. This brother shows what it is to hone and display a ripened craft. The industry needs more of this and less of the adverse. Continue to promote great music.


I love all of your music and your voice is beautiful.


My musical soul needed his music. Tired of hearing everyone sounding the same...lack of expressing real love, difficulties in relationships and just plain kicking it. I love his creativity! Will be rocking this from ages to come!