Low - Double Negative

℗ 2018 Sub Pop Records

Double Negative Tracklist:



Low has always been a basic and beautiful band that inspired me throught the years. This is their most beautiful yet. Yet , you have to be an ardent listener. Thats where the reward it.


sounds like feedback,, makes you think you have a bad connection


Take a little phrase and harmony, completely drench it in layer after layer of synths, distort it, then smash it with a hammer and sort of put it back together. But don’t reassemble it exactly as it should sound, leave plenty of glitches. It’s mesmerizing if you give it a chance. This is NOT a recommendation for the casual music fan, this is a deep dive kind of album. My wife came in while I was listening to it. I think her comment was something to the effect of “Sounds like noise”. Which is kind of accurate.